Julie’s Dining Club

LevelUp and GoPago, it was offered by him to me. Since I didn’t want to steal his phone for too long, I choose a location just a block from the office: Little Saigon Deli. I’ve walked by the small shop a zillion times, and when I browsed through menus and reviews of nearby businesses on GoPago, it stood out due to the very enthusiastic reviews of one item, the Green Coconut Waffle. 2, it wouldn’t go beyond the free credits! It had been a bit of a GoPago fail. Monday On, it was outlined as open, day which surprised me as the entire neighborhood was shut down for Labor.

I smartly strolled there first before ordering, and of course, it was closed. Ok, somewhat understandable, although many places were outlined as closed in the app, though they are usually open up on Mondays even. But the credits have been deducted from his account. I possibly could hear the GoPago chimes heading off inside the store.

I was very grumpy, as I used to be seeking a snack really, and I didn’t have time to make an alternate plan, since I needed to be back in any office for a gathering. Also, the credits were removed from his account, since GoPago thought the order have been placed. I looked through the UI for ways to get back the order, or to report the accepted place shut, or something, but I couldn’t find anything.

I quickly researched the help pages, and couldn’t find any solution. THEREFORE I grumpily walked back to the office, went to my conference, and munched on nuts. A little while later, his mobile phone got a notification that GoPago determined that they didn’t actually deliver my order, since it was never confirmed on the end, and the credits were restored. I’m pleased they had that check set up, but it took a while, and I would have liked ways to report the problem myself. I’m a determined girl. On Wednesday So, when the credits were supposed to expire, I begged him to borrow his phone one more time.

This time, I called first, to confirm that these were open. And, in support of then, I positioned my order. Obviously, I had a slight issue picking up the order, as it wasn’t my accounts. I did so have his telephone with me, but it got his picture, and uh, I clearly wasn’t him. I told the employee that it was my co-worker and she didn’t have too much of a concern with it, but she might have thought I had developed just taken someone’s mobile phone.

Perhaps this entire ordeal was just bad karma for sorta breaking the guidelines? Anyway, I am hoping GoPago has a means of marking businesses where this sort of thing happens, so others can avoid issues such as this, as it quite definitely defeats the reason if it COSTS you time to use GoPago!

  • April 2020
  • Potential “danger signals” on new patient registration forms
  • What text is meant to be displayed at the workplace of the individual receiving the work item
  • Track student performance over time
  • The potential of the work to win wider recognition
  • Earnings of any minor child
  • It immediately includes the major challenge – that of politics and ownership
  • Make sure you cancel any tax registrations once a business has ceased; and

They aren’t only with this type of problem, I’ve got problems with places being detailed in LevelUp that no more acknowledge LevelUp. The waffles are prepared fresh to order. The aroma of the cooking food waffle when I approached was downright amazing. I liked my several minute wait, just inhaling the delicious smells. Through the Yelp reviews I’d read, I knew to request it “extra crispy”, that i was able to do using GoPago easily.

I’m not certain my demand was seen though, because I’d not need called it crispy. My favorite thing about waffles is the sharp moist and outside fluffy interior, and this had neither. The outside wasn’t crispy, and the inside was gummy. The flavor was interesting fairly, although I didn’t really flavor the coconut. The pandan flavor though was strong. It over was served folded, in a little paper bag, which makes it appear smaller than it was. This is a full waffle.