Will VITAL PROVIDE A Business/commercial Card?

VITAL is the credit credit card that pays you to reveal and spend responsibly. Get paid cash forever for every person you sign up. Plus compete monthly to earn 5%, 2% or 1% cash back on all purchases. What is the difference between referral and on posting. You get paid cash for every person you sign up forever.

Plus, we also prize you when your friends subscribe new users and their friends subscribe new members. In addition to the recommendation rewards, every VITAL member competes to earn 5%, 2% or 1% cash back on their purchases. Members earn activity points by completing pre-determined monthly activities that are based on good credit behavior, socially responsible spending, life encounters, and daily spending.

VITAL cardholders with the most activity points at the end of every month get 5% cash return on that month’s declaration. What’s my recommendation score and how does that impact my recommendation rewards? Each time you sign up a pal to VITAL, you earn 4 factors towards your recommendation score.

Plus, you get an additional 2 points for everyone your friend signs up and another 1 point for people they sign up. VITAL rewards and procedures your social network three tiers out. Referral Rewards Pool based on everyone’s rating proportionately. For your referrals to qualify communicate total referral score, each account must be active and in good standing. How do you contend for 5%, 2% or 1% cash return each month?

Every member can earn activity factors by completing pre-determined regular monthly activities that derive from good credit behavior, socially accountable spending, life experiences, and daily spending. VITAL cardholders with the most activity points at the end of every month get 5% cash return on that month’s declaration. Every month How am i going to get paid my recommendation and cash back rewards?

VITAL is currently in pre-launch mode; we plan to deliver credit cards in late 2019. During our pre-launch, people have the opportunity to grow their recommendation score. This will translate to more referral rewards we start once. Applications are received and approved Once, active users can start getting referral cash and rewards back.

What happens easily don’t get approved for VITAL following the pre-launch phase is performed; should i still get referral rewards for everyone I helped subscribe? We decided to rollout a pre-launch website before the cards were ready because overwhelmingly whenever we spoke to potential members, they wanted the chance to start immediately growing their referral score.

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The risk of doing this is that not everyone will be approved by our bank partner. We are focused on making VITAL as accessible as you can. Most people who qualify for a basic entry level credit card should also be eligible for VITAL, though we cannot make any warranties. If a member’s application gets denied, we want to make sure his/her effort during the pre-launch is rewarded.

As such, we will allow the known member to transfer his/her recommendation rating to a pal or family member with good credit. IS ESSENTIAL a MLM (MLM) or pyramid marketing company? VITAL is no MLM or pyramid marketing company, but we were influenced by the essential idea of multilevel marketing whenever we created our referral program. We don’t like MLM companies because MLM companies often stick lots of their “sales members” with inventory (physical products) that they covered but are actually unable to sell. MLM companies do significant upside to their members offer, but often with a decent amount of risk.