To Davy, The Money Concessions Meant

HARARE – When most white landowners were scurrying for cover from marauding Zanu PF youths, one Charles Davy was enjoying himself at Matetsi Wildlife Enterprises. By day and a Zanu PF collaborator by night time aptly describe the person behind the name A hunter, Charles Davy. To many, he is an animal saviour. He is the owner of many conservatives from Matetsi to Zambia. Charles Davy is a hunter, an animal philanthropist, is that all?

Six weeks of undercover investigations on Charles Davy uncovered that he has funded Zanu PF since 2002 and has partnered mature Zanu PF officials in illicit rhino horn trade. The officials are Webster Shamu and Emmerson Mnangagwa. A confidential report acquired by this reporter confirmed the above mentioned. Circumstances are that at the start of Zimbabwe’s land reform program found his vast business empire threatened.

President Mugabe and Zanu PF targeted white landowners. To this end, Davy hatched an idea to save his land. Paying homage to the militia party that was terrorizing blacks and whites as well became his master plan and key to his continuing stay. It marked the start of his relationship with Zanu PF. Despite spirited denials by Mr. Davy, key documents have uncovered what he is really. He have not only funded terror to save lots of his wildlife business but he has treated his employees worse than animals. In July of 2009 Mr. Davy met with President Mugabe.

The meeting was organized by Minister Mnangagwa. HHK Safaris amazed many when they solely landed all government possessed concessions. His concessions covered central Midlands, Matetsi safaris, Sabi area, the south western and south eastern of lake Kariba and some parts of Gonarezhou in the lowveld. HHK safaris became the marketing arm on behalf of several Zanu PF owned concessions.

Webster Shamu, Khanondo owned by Obert Mpofu, Unit 6 owned by General Chiwenga amongst others. Recent security reviews implicate Mr. Davy and his accomplices in illegal rhino trade. House in Harare provides helicopter and guns. Alternatively Ministers Shamu and Mnangagwa cushion the groups from any prosecution and arrests.

Joceline Chiwenga, wife to Army General Constantine Chiwenga is fingered in the secret report within the rhino horn racket. In the report arises from Famba Safaris have been distributed and handled using Matetsi lender accounts. Zanu PF’s Shamu and Mr. Davy are approved the transaction. Traced transactions indicate international transfers dealt with and destined for just offshore accounts in britain, South Africa and Switzerland the statement further alleges. In his homage Mr. Davy funded part of Mnangagwa’s 2005 election advertising campaign and footed all costs of Shamu’s advertising campaign in 2005. Again, Mr. Davy donated undisclosed amounts in forex to Shamu for his 2008 advertising campaign.

The statement further unveils that In May 2008 Charles Davy met Shamu at Wild Geese lodge near Mazowe. The meeting was for his donation to Zanu PF Mashonaland West campaign. The money was paid to then Mash Wet Chairman John Mafa. The secret Intelligence report points to Charles Davy to be involved in the smuggling of ivory to China and Vietnam using his Chinese links in Asia. Two individuals have been involved, one Lee Hu Ming and a businessman now with Sino Zim. Information accessible shows the involvement of army intelligence from Harare’s Defense House as well as from 1 Commando base.

At Defense House Mr. Davy’s contact is Col Dube. In the procedure army Helicopters disguised as army Red Cross ambulances or test flights land in Hwange National Park to choose ivory belonging to Charles Davy and partners. National Parks show that Mr. Davy’s has sold trophies increasing him into areas under federal government jurisdiction.

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The statement show commandos employed from 1 Commando Barracks stay at HKK Safaris when poaching in Hwange National. In lots of other cases they receive accommodation at Matetsi or Bubye. Controversial commercial farmer Charles Davy has threatened to sue a Zimbabwean website, for publishing a tale accusing him of `aiding and abetting’ the ZANU PF regime. Davy is dad to Chelsy, the ex-girlfriend of British Prince Harry.

The article said `when most white landowners were scurrying for cover from marauding ZANU PF youths, one Charles Davy was enjoying himself at Matetsi Wildlife Businesses. A six month undercover analysis with a reporter for the website uncovers that Davy `has funded ZANU PF since 2002 and has partnered mature ZANU PF officials in illicit rhino horn trade. The officials are Webster Emmerson and Shamu Mnangagwa,’ the record said. One of is own former workers told the web site that `at one time our pay was significantly less than US 15 cents monthly and most of us slept on bare floors without blankets. We couldn’t do anything, because he informed us that President Mugabe understood him.