Woman With Down Syndrome Wishes Her INSURANCE PROVIDER Would Cover New Weight Loss Drugs

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Four drugs have been approved for weight reduction lately including one that was approved just last month. But doctors say there’s a huge hurdle to patients getting those drugs. Many insurance providers won’t cover them. Shannon Pittman income an unfair battle with weight. Because she’s Down Syndrome, her metabolism is slow. At just under five feet tall, Pittman weighs in at 240 pounds even though she says she exercises and restricts her daily calories from fat regularly. Dr. Shadrach Smith of Kansas City Internal Medicine says Pittman needs one of the newer weight loss medications such as Contrave or Belviq that are made for long-term use. But her insurer won’t cover them for her.

Dr. Smith says three-quarters of insurers don’t cover the drugs. Insurers say they want better results than the five to 10 percent weight loss that the drugs provide. But Dr. Smith argues that can make a big different in patients’ health over the future. 200 or more a month.

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Pittman instead requires a drug her insurance provider will cover. It’s approved for pre-diabetes, which she has. One side effect is weight reduction. Her mother says it’s assisting, but she thinks a genuine weight loss drug would help more. FOX 4 contacted Amerigroup, the insurance provider that Pittman has under Medicaid in Kansas. The ongoing company says the state formulary will include a quantity of weight-loss drugs, but prescriptions are at the mercy of members achieving certain state-approved medical requirements. Amerigroup says it might be happy to talk with Pittman.

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