Utah Resident Dies After Weight-loss Surgery In Mexico, 7 Others Sickened: Health Officials

Fox News Flash top headlines for July 23 are here. A Utah resident who lately journeyed to Mexico for weight-loss surgery passed away, based on the state’s health section, and tested positive for an antibiotic-resistant bacteria also, like seven other residents who sought the procedure at the same Tijuana medical clinic. Medical section did not say when the patient died, nor achieved it uncover the patient’s name, but said that seven of the eight patients, like the one who died, were managed on by Dr. Mario Almanza. “Five of the patients reported they had been referred to Dr. Almanza via an online referral service known as Weight Loss Agents,” medical department said in a news release.

The patients were infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterias (VIM-CRPA), and while seven recovered, the most recent did not. Medical department said there have been other reports nationwide of patients who journeyed to Mexico for healthcare only to come back with the same contamination. During 2018-2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognized a multi-state outbreak of VIM-CRPA, with nearly all patients all undergoing weight reduction surgery at the same Tijuana clinic.

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Many patients reported infections at operative incision sites. The bacteria can acquire resistance genes from other bacterias and cause antibiotic-resistant attacks that are uncommon in the U.S. Actually, at one point the bacteria even warranted a CDC travel alert. “We cannot provide any assurances of patient safety or quality of care to people who are considering undergoing such procedures in Tijuana,” Dr. Allyn Nakashima, manager of the UDOH Healthcare-Associated Infections/Antimicrobial Resistant Program, said in the news headlines release. “I cannot stress enough the safest plan of action is not to happen to be Mexico for these procedures.

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What Is Hip Osteoarthritis? 1 What Is Hip Osteoarthritis? The acetabulum, which is shaped by the large pelvic bone, forms the “socket.” The femoral head forms the “ball.” Further, the surface of the hip joint is included in synovial liquid. This acts to lubricate the joint and helps with motion. If you’re experiencing osteoarthritis, the cartilage in your hip joint had started to wear away.

When that happens, the joint space begins to decrease. If degeneration is severe, bone can rub against bone. This results in severe joint disease pain within the joint. Furthermore, the damaged bones might try to make up for the increased loss of cartilage by growing outward. This can lead to bone spurs forming.

What is osteoarthritis of the hips? Patients with this problem mostly complain about pain and tenderness throughout the hip joint. The morning or after prolonged sitting They may also record that the pain is worse in. The grade of pain differs as well. The pain is referred to by Some patients as a razor-sharp, stabbing type pain, while some report a dull, aching type pain. At times, these symptoms makes it difficult to walk or climb stairs even.

And, unfortunately, this results in the inability to perform normal activities of daily living. Osteoarthritis in the hips is a significant concern. Here’s what we know about what leads to it. When you have symptoms, your doctor will usually start by going for a detailed health history. Additionally, your physician will execute a physical exam.