TOP Best Cosmetic Companies

LimeLight by Alcone is a godsend. Finally a company focused on professional makeup products and truly natural skin care which have been in the business enterprise for a long time serving superstars and performers in television, theater, and on the net. This is what I really like: The botanical basis looks like your natural epidermis and is the most pigmented product on the market.

No need to ever search for the perfect base again. This is it. Concealer is similar to a restful evenings sleep. Their Perfect Mascara has fibres in it so that it is a simple one step software with absolutely no clumping or lashes that look spidery. All the color products (eye, cheek, lip, etc.) look advanced, smooth, fresh and like you are photo capture ready.

  • Eye de-puffer
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  • Designer Corrugated Sheets
  • #3 Jade

Beginning and ending my day with the skincare has preserved my face. My makeup goes on with ease, skin structure and lines are improved, I’m glowing and everything without harsh chemicals! Professional grade makeup. Who doesn’t want that. The skincare is AMAZING! It’s just like a spa day every day. The fresh smell of the all-natural ingredients just hits the spot whether I need it to wake me in the morning or relaxed me in the evening. And my epidermis has looked and felt so fabulous never! The mascara was my gateway in to the incredible makeup. It really is, undoubtedly, the best mascara ever!

It gives me length and volume without being clumpy or flaky. The long-lasting matte lip lip and colors glosses are fantastic! And, I now wear foundation as this is actually the first foundation I can tolerate on my face! Limelight is for sure MYskincare and makeup brand for life! There’s no looking back! LimeLight’s skin care line has practically perfected my pores and skin.

I actually WANT to take my make-up off by the end of the day because my skin looks so excellent. The skin treatment series is all natural & cruelty free. It even has the Leaping Bunny certification. Their foundation matches my skin, which is a first for me personally. That’s what got me hooked.

Then I came across their amazing mascara & I used to be sold. Using make-up that professional make-up performers use is amazing. I knew there is a difference never, but there is a stark difference between LimeLight and drugstore make-up. Everything is highly pigmented, and that means you only need a bit. One skillet of foundation lasted me 7 months, day used every one. The blushes may actually last forever, because I take advantage of so of it to obtain a nice look little. The company is growing, so new items are being added on a regular basis. Really, LimeLight has been a god-send. I can’t imagine not having this in my own life.

I begin by applying a primer to a freshly washed and moisturized face. Today I used Experienced Primed and Poreless, which I use sparingly and apply by patting it onto my most oily areas (forehead, nose and chin). Next I squeeze out a dime-sized amount of CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation onto my finger, and dab it all over my face and top neck area, with the most product in the heart of my face. I then take my Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki and start to stipple it all over my face, distributing out the building blocks so that there is more product in the guts (where I want more coverage), and less toward the perimeter.

Once my face and neck of the guitar are covered, Then i buff the merchandise into my pores and skin to get a seamless, airbrushed look. I pay special attention to mixing out the edges so are there no severe lines, especially around my jaw and my ears/ hairline. I actually bring the foundation down my neck, working it in before transistion from foundation to bare skin is unnoticeable.

Following my foundation, I spot correct any certain areas that may need extra coverage, and make sure there are no apparent lines of demarcation. Following that, I apply my under eyes corrector (check out my Undereye Concealer Routine) and mix it out with the E.L.F. Flawless Concealer Brush. This helps hide the dark circles on the inner corners of my eye.

I then apply a brightening concealer anywhere I wish to add light – mainly underneath my eyes area, the bridge of my nasal area, the center of my forehead and my cupids bow. I blend out the concealer with the Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki, which really blends very well around the contours of the eye.