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Furstein is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Credit Funds at Fortress Investment Group LLC and is also a member of the firm’s Management Committee. In July 2001 Ahead of signing up for Fortress, Mr. Furstein co-founded and was the principle Operating Officer of American Commercial Capital (a area of expertise finance company) and Coronado Advisors (an SEC registered broker seller). Mr. Furstein received a B.A.

The outdoor adventure company uses helicopters often and did a lot of business with Blackcomb Aviation. An employee of Blackcomb Aviation confronted him and said that if he ever flew with me again he would never have the ability to use Blackcomb Aviation. It became physical almost. I am recounting these incidents because it is necessary to comprehend the mentality that has and is going on with this situation.

In 2015 I sold Spearhead Aviation for an American who got a pastime in aviation and wanted to buy an investment to assist in immigrating to Canada. The timing was right, my partner and I had developed just purchased a fishing boat in France and started to intend to sail over the Atlantic. For 2016 and 17 the “Sea to Sky” became our home and had taken us on many activities.

After the crossing we parked the fishing boat in Florida for the summertime hurricane season and returned to BC. While I had been away I had developed received word that a fellow from Quebec, Denis Vincent, was thinking about buying Spearhead Aviation from Will Graven, the american I had sold to. Again I am recounting these facts as I believe it important to understand the complete tale to make sense of it all. Mr. Vincent possesses several helicopters which he leases out to other providers and a few which he functions himself under a Transport Canada certificate located in Quebec. It is important to note an operating certificate from Transport Canada is valid any place in Canada.

Mr. Vincent is not not used to the helicopter scene in BC. He has before attempted to make contact with the WHS to determine a relationship and secure a spot. He has fulfilled with the same resistance that I came across only more so. In fact Mr. Morris refused to take his calls or react to some of his emails. You would think as the president of the WHS he’d have an responsibility to deal with other interested celebrations.

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But is clear to everyone that right now he was operating the WHS solely in the passions of Blackcomb Aviation. When Mr. Morris got wind flow that Mr. Vincent was in the process of acquiring Spearhead Aviation he delivered Mr. Graven a letter cancelling his rent with the WHS on the most spurious of grounds.

He claimed that Mr. Graven hadn’t paid his rent and then two days after he terminated the lease he cashed the lease cheque that had been sent several months earlier. I know this hard to believe but that is exactly what occurred. Furthermore they claimed that the WHS would state all the infrastructure on the heliport that had not been removed within a month.

That included a hangar and gas facility which i acquired built on my location. Mr. Graven is not able to respond to these atrocities because he no longer resides here and has issues in america that have prevented him from properly paying attention to the situation. By this time around I was furiously writing words to the mayor and council of Whistler and to the local news media.

I obtain it. yes Blackcomb aviation is the darling of the city because they are always the ones on the news rescuing some poor spirit somewhere. The RMOW and the press need to figure that away. A few weeks ago Mr. Vincent obtained Spearhead Aviation from Mr. Graven even though technically it no longer has any property or a lease with the WHS. Mr. Vincent has accepted my offer to become shareholder in Spearhead Aviation and jointly we will battle this fight. We moved a helicopter onto our old leased location on boxing day. We completely soon expect a confrontation.