Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Running

So i want to preface this article by first stating which i was an athlete in SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and continuing my athletic career into part of my college tenure. Now, since that has been over 20 years ago, being energetic has not. I’ve struggled with my ups and downs and eventually gained 40 pounds through the years trading in six pack abs for, well, a six pack of beer.

It wasn’t until I attended a marriage for my best friend that I must say i felt over weight. His dad made a comment to me about my weight, which at this point I was already feeling a bit self-conscious about. Even this moment did not generate enough motivation within me to begin my journey on weight loss. Actually, what prompted my weight loss journey was a trip to my doctor.

My test outcomes showed high figures in almost anything, including cholesterol, high blood circulation pressure, and so forth. The wonder of running is that it is a free thing to do essentially. Anyone can run anywhere without member fees, special equipment (shoes excluded, but far from special), with your own pace.

I personally choose running outside. You might wonder why not a fitness treadmill. I write this for example of what it took to be able to motivate me personally. The real point I am trying to get across is that, you need to find your own private motivation. We all have been self-aware of being overweight or out of form or whatever we are.

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The difficult part may be that small edge of inspiration, that factor that pushes us ahead to meet our goals. First, find your motivation, progress with a goal then. Okay, now this is not a weight loss article, but as we know running is just one helpful way to lose excess weight. For my journey, it was just a piece of an overall lifestyle change.

I know that my own story is not typical and some may say extreme. I lost 30 pounds in 3 months exactly. This is done by following my doctor’s recommendations (shocker that they really do know what they may be talking about LOL), changing my diet, and also to no one’s surprise, exercise.

So on to the purpose of this article that are things I wish I had known before I began running. Let me just say that when I had been a high college athlete, I used to be more of a sprinter than a distance runner. For those who know the difference between fast twitch and gradual twitch muscles, I used to be definitely a twitch person fast.