The CURRENCY MARKETS Blog: September 2019

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In the long term, the market will punish them for his or her views if they are wrong. A few of these models were built by analysts with incredible stature. Not only do some of these people have Ph.D.s from top universities, published in leading peer-reviewed publications, a few are even Nobel laureates. In fact, why don’t a hedge is started by us fund with some Nobel laureates, we’ll call it Long Term Capital Management…. Here’s another idea. Let’s take some of these models of mortgages and apply these to how exactly we package mortgage backed securities. Oh, I recall how that turned out. Good quantitative modelers observe, form hypotheses, test and apply them. So do good scientists.

SmartKai – AI-powered assistant that manages your social media marketing. Stackla – AI-powered business platform to discover, manage and screen the most participating user generated visible content across all marketing touchpoints. The Grid – Molly, a AI-powered web design system uses machine learning combined with constraint-based design and flow-based programming to make form dynamically adjust to content.

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  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Healthy, energetic employees incur lower health costs
  • Knowledge of mutual finance, securities, and insurance industries
  • Financial Condition of the Firm Ignored :-

Unmetric – Xia provides AI powered social media marketing insights to produce compelling content. Vestorly – uses artificial intelligence to build individualized touch points with news Vestorly, websites, or your own content. Wordsmith – Solution from Automated Insights that uses natural language generation to convert data into content. Yseop – Artificial cleverness software writes and clarifies data in six dialects using natural vocabulary generation.

ZetaHub – Marketing Automation run by AI. There you have it. 50 plus tools that leverage artificial intelligence for marketing. For your convenience, I’ve made a list of all Twitter accounts on this AI Marketing Tools list here, in the event you want to check out the category easily. Whether you’re trying to get more out of existing marketing software like analytics or automate content generation or increase your ability to comprehend customer behavior for better personalization, there’s a tool or platform for you.

At the same time, very few of the AI powered marketing solutions are “set it and ignore it”. They still need humans for optimized performance. That’s why I love the expression “Augmented Intelligence” as a reflection of how people and technology could work together for further optimized marketing. So when it involves marketing people, I don’t know much better than the team I get work with at TopRank Marketing. What AI powered marketing tools did I miss? Which do you use? Please share in the comments.