The Carrying On Business Case FOR ANY Robust Alumni Program

Does your organization have an Alumni Program? Many do, although most treat it rather such as a commercial website; a necessary investment, but not one deeply aligned with the business enterprise strategy. You will find however, plenty of opportunities for value realization more than the cost, particularly if your alumni strategy, as a component of your Talent Acquisition strategy is leveraged appropriately.

Done properly, successful Alumni Programs reduce the price of Talent Acquisition, reduce time for you to fill up, and market the Employment Value Proposition to the multi-generation workforce, in their mediums of choice, on a voluntary opt-in basis. How exactly does your company drive business value out of its Alumni program? What are some of the secrets to your program’s success?

  1. Financial Accounting
  2. High levels of traffic
  3. Handshake (Morgue File)
  4. Invest in Cities With Future Growth Potential

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