The Cakes Baked While Everyone Ate

I changed 30 today and I can say, pretty much without reservation, that it has been the best birthday ever (though age range 5, 10, 13, 16, 21, and 23 were pretty great too). This one started last night (well, really, it began on Friday with the shopping) with a big shock party at the house with about 30 friends. Oh no, he is at your kitchen, beating eggs and cake mix in a bowl tucked in the crook of his arm while guests were milling about grabbing beer and pizza.

The cakes baked while everyone ate, and when he realized he wouldn’t have the ability to ice them right away, they were thrown in the fridge to cool prior to the essential funfetti icing could be added. There is singing and a putting on of the birthday crown he’d designed previously with a plastic material tiara, some birthday number candles with the toothpicks and wicks take off, and some sort of floor sealant glue.

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We went to Rodeo Goat, my new very favorite Fort Worth restaurant, where we all shared a Cheese Fries Surprise and a Cheese Fries NO REAL SURPRISE and I put a Nanny Goat burger smothered in herbed goat cheese. There also might have been a ale because who am I to state no to a free of charge draft Hefeweizen on a birthday (or any day, really). Not long after that there was cake too. Except perhaps a few occasions later during the secret after party if it is possible there is champagne in a secret location at a secret time that cannot be confirmed by anyone.

It continued. Legally Fabulous is staying at my house tonight. She’s taking the Bar tomorrow, so go wish her luck, and she wanted to watch the small children while JP and I went out for a few dinner. JP picked me up (the champagne, the existence which I cannot confirm, may have managed to get unwise for me to drive myself) and we went to Gloria’s where I ate food this time around, along with my birthday margarita. It had been lovely to speak to him without checking to observe how much queso Claire was shoveling in her mouth area with a spoon.

The waiter brought me a shock piece of cake. For once, I must say i didn’t need another piece of cake, but JP stepped and ate every bite when i blew out the candle up. I really like that he remembered to buy another box of funfetti cake mix, but forgot to save the “3” and “0” candles from yesterday, therefore i surely got to use last year’s candles and turn 29!

I’m pretty sure that means I get to turn 30 again tomorrow, which would be great, except I think I want at least 24 hours and a few long runs (ha, kidding, no working) to recuperate from this one. It’s been a wonderful two days. 12 months I plan on turning 30 every.

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