The Black Travel Box Provides Travel Size Pores And Skin And Locks Products For People Of Color

While away on the vacation, one of the last things you want to deal with can be an exhaustive search for products to repair a bad locks day. So when Orion Brown found herself in Japan “dealing with a significant miscalculation of weather and a mind full of hair with no wish,” she transformed her annoyance into opportunity.

“I didn’t have sufficient product to get me through the trip and there was nowhere locally I possibly could find the products I needed,” said Brown. “Dejected, I prevented the selfies and made the best of it. But upon reflection, I possibly could only hope that someone would make (or would have made) a product company for travelers like me. The Black Travel Box provides travel size locks and pores and skin products for individuals of color delivered to your door when you want.

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The products carries a conditioner bar, locks balm, body balm, and lip balm. “They say that requirement is the mom of invention,” said Brown. “Well, there’s no higher necessity for me than the “requirements” of travel when on vacation. We’re not just a typical subscription container company. Our save’ and ‘subscribe model is similar to Amazon’s, where customers can choose products they know and trust, and then decide on a personalized plan for getting them to their door. Using a history in consumer goods brand and marketing management, Brown leveraged her lessons learned, while employed in corporate to construct her business design and test the marketplace for the merchandise and service before releasing it.

“The Black Travel Box could not be where it is today without that working experience,” said Brown. 48 billion each year traveling and are among the fastest growing segments in the U.S., with 68% surveyed attempting to find out more about their history and culture through travel. Travelers of color who want to appear and feel their best when traveling overseas are the primary consumers of the Black Travel Box.

“They take photos, selfies, and like to share their encounters,” said Brown. “They are passionate sociable mass media consumers and content manufacturers. While they travel far and frequently, the challenge of easily getting their look “perfectly” hasn’t yet been met. Perhaps the biggest selling point of the Black Travel Box is the sense of community it offers for black travelers. “I began The Black Travel Box to give women of color a brand they could trust for almost all their travel personal treatment needs,” said Brown. “Globally, Black travelers have few if any places they can go to find personal maintenance systems that work for his or her locks and skincare needs. As the culture of international travel is growing inside our community – increasingly more of us are exploring the world with an even of independence and wanderlust our parents and grandparents could never dream of.

Skin instantly becomes silky smooth w/ a matte finish. Recommended use: Apply on face & crow’s feet area. Every two hours when in immediate sun Reapply. For use by both men & women and for those skin types – even the most sensitive. Non-whitening, non-comedogenic, light, non-irritating, hypo-allergenic, fragrance & free paraben. Finally an all-inclusive product that covers with a sun protection of SPF 40, moisturizer, sunscreen, and anti-aging all in a single formula.