Other Websites Of Interest

Here are links to sites that are related to opiates for some reason. I have divided the links into groups based on the type of website. You can find websites run by individuals, drug user unions, drug reform organizations, and weblogs by individual opiate users. The addiction websites were chosen for perspectives on cravings that take a more nuanced take a look at what dependency is beyond the self-limiting AA/NA disease model (also known as the NIDA paradigm).

This list will be up to date as time passes as I find more sites to link to. Heroin Helper by Francis Moraes (aka Dr. H). Dr. H is the author of the few books like the Heroin User’s Handbook, THE TINY Book of Heroin and The Little Book of Opium. He also has a blog related to all things heroin.

Dr. H has a PhD in physics and his site has accurate information about how to use opiates properly. A lot of his links are outdated however the health information and perspectives on heroin use are among the better on the internet. Highly recommended for people that have only a cursory knowledge of opiates.

Project Narco a blog that provides some excellent personal references on drugs with a focus on opiates. Oriented toward pharmacology and a scientific perspective Greatly. Topics include Human Anatomy, Neuro/Psycho-pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, Addiction, Drug Use & Drug Policy. Strongly suggested for those looking for advanced information on opiates. Narco Polo is a blog by Rob Arthur, a former inner-city teacher, public defender and the writer of YOU MIGHT Die: The Burden of Modern Taboos. The goal of Narco Polo is to guard recreational medication use-and all other consensual adult activities-that the American authorities deems criminal.

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When press sensationalism and government propaganda are confronted with facts, it is apparent that the unintended implications of these prohibitions have caused much greater suffering than the actions themselves. The next is an ongoing set of the goals of D.U.R.A.N. The Drug User Rights Action Network : 1. To publicize the individual rights abuses of medication users highly . 2. Form a coalition of medication user groups and other organizations that explicitly support drug user privileges.

3. Promote the forming of new drug user unions/organizations in California and america. If you’ve found yourself convinced that the disease model of obsession, powerlessness, or prayer as medical treatment don’t quite make sense, you’re not crazy and you are not alone. Stanton Peele is a psychologist that has changed the cravings field. He has pioneered, among other things, the idea that craving occurs with a range of experiences, identification of natural recovery from cravings, and the “harm reduction” method of addiction. Health and Articles studies about drugs, alcoholism and addiction, including the most recent medical and medical findings.

THE ORANGE PAPERS One Man’s Analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous and Substance Misuse Recovery Programs, and Real Recovery. Memoirs of the Addicted Brain Blog A neuroscientist examines his former life on drugs. Legalize Heroin is a blog that catalogs the terrible ramifications of prohibition with a concentrate on global, societal-level problem caused by the battle on (some) medication (users). Your blog will lean towards issues related to opiates but addresses other areas of medication prohibition also.

Better Living Through Chemistry is an opioid archive that can be an awesome reference on opiates and opioids. LEAP can be an incredibly important firm. When members of law enforcement form an organization focused on ending the prohibition of certain drugs people take notice. They have an even of reliability that other drug reform organizations only imagine. 1993 and incorporated in 1994 by an operating group of needle exchange providers, advocates and drug users. Today, we are strengthened by an considerable and diverse network of allies who challenge the persistent stigma faced by people who use drugs and advocate for policy and public health reform.

Transform has emerged in response to the more and more obvious failings of current UK and international medication policy. As unlawful drug use and the problems associated with illegal drug markets have continued to grow, Transform is providing new thinking on alternatives to the present enforcement-oriented program of prohibition. The FAMM Foundation is a national nonprofit company founded in March of 1991 by attorneys, judges, criminal justice experts, and the groups of inmates in response to the extreme penalties brought about by mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for nonviolent offenses. An organization of Drug War prisoners and themselves who are urging the citizens of this country to have a second look at the war on drugs.

Drug arrests are changing the Land of the Free. The U.S. is currently the world’s leading jailer. We echo what of Senior Federal judges were specialized in education and treatment instead, the cost and problems of drug use would be greatly reduced. Drug Policy Alliance is the biggest drug policy reform organization in the Unites States. Our supporters are individuals who believe the war on drugs is doing more harm than good. Together we advance policies that reduce the harms of both drug drug and use prohibition, and seek solutions that promote safety while upholding the sovereignty of people over their own minds and bodies.