I do have some hands on experience now to give solid advice! I talked it out with my hubs yesterday evening and we developed a list of 15 things we are SOOOOOO thrilled we committed to and linked them all below to help future parents know WHAT’S GOING ON!

Guys, this simple thing has been LIFE for our fam! The bed is super comfy for baby and has an adjustable strap insert that allows for the bed to comfortably sleep your newborn as she or he grows! PRETTY play mat is WELL worth it! My 21 month old still takes on on ours DAILY (& it doubles as a very comfortable workout mat for us!

Don’t worry, we sanitize after! This is actually the mat we have! It’s well-crafted, super cute & darn durable quite! This item has single handedly changed my entire life with Liam! With having Madi just 18 months earlier, I had pretty much Abadndoned baby wearing! The two I needed were SO uncomfortable and although it was convenient to have both hands free, I possibly could only wear him for 15-20 minutes before my shoulders were KILLING ME! That is, until I needed someone recommend the TULA, and past due one night while on Amazon I decided to give it a go! I cannot express how SHOCKED I am at how much WE BOTH THINK IT’S GREAT!

It is the KEY for you to get him to fall asleep or relax if he’s upset and it’s the only path I get anything done with developing a babe that loooooves to be held and snuggled! We both get the best of BOTH global worlds now! We call this our SQUIRREL SUIT because they appear to be little flying squirrels with them on, haha! Beyond the known reality that these swaddles are very CUTE, they have been a FAV of both Madi & Liam because they can have their hands up while still being firmly swaddled so that they don’t wake using their startle reflex!

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We buy them as shower gifts all of the time! HOW cute the printing! They are our absolute FAV PJs for both kids from newborn to a year! They are SOFT, have a GREAT fit to them, stylish prints available & most importantly, these are ZIPPER PJs! You truthfully don’t need to buy anything else from newborn to 3 months if you would like to keep it simple! We now have two of these (one for each baby) and I really like that I could view from my cell phone and not have to worry about carrying around a monitor!

It’s also nice when journeying or from the home, because I get notifications when they are put to bed and can observe them sleep! BUT, besides that, we love it! Great camera image, push dependability and notifications. NO USE in buying not Burts Bees Jammies or Carter’s baby clothing sets!