Living With Lady Philosophy

One of my best friends from university has been residing in New York City for about so long as we have been living in Minnesota. She acquired a stint in the Midwest and another in the South during our years in Buffalo, New York–which is not anywhere near NYC for anybody unsure of your New York geography.

Well, my pal Claire was raised in Jersey, so NYC is much more her native environment than it could ever be for me. A number of weekends ago, Claire welcomed our mutual friend Tina and myself to her tiny flat in Queens for a Moms’ escape weekend. We lived like we were single, but talked about our children and Claire mostly, being the amazing one friend and woman that she is, enjoyed every single story.

And we being on break from our home lives, ate out more times (without kids) in three times than we’ve in the past several years. I used to state that I did not feel like an adult yet really, but since I had formed my fourth child and we bought a house, I have already been feeling more and more of adulthood.

The weekend was quite memorable, full of more stories than you may care and attention to hear. My visit started with an early on 4:30am wake up, and somehow no coffee until I had been through security and walking to my gate. It had been a direct airline flight, and somehow I ended up speaking with my seatmate–a one bearded man a calendar year younger than me–the whole airline flight.

After I got in NY, I am quite proud of myself for making my way to the bus stop and controlling to obtain and insert a metro card, getting on the right bus, and moving away from at the right stop. It helped that Queens has numbered roads, therefore i could matter down once we proceeded to go along.

My awkwardness of riding a bus pressed into strangers all ignoring me completely dissipated by the end of the weekend. Each day of the visit Claire brought us into Manhattan for a variety of interesting things. And, yes, weekend was a fun as it sounded the, but the whole time, I was thinking, NYC is fun and all, but boy do I really like living in the Midwest. The wonder away in flyover country is incredible here. Upstate New York is pretty beautiful itself, but there is nothing that can compare with the middle of America. I recognized how people have so much time to invest online also.

When you commute for one hour on a teach, of course you have time to check the internet a billion times, have twitter battles, Instagram random things, read sites, send emails etc. Being a stay at home mom means that my sitting down alone time consists of the snatched minutes I have in the bathroom with an iPad.

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Yet, the complete point of the weekend, which is exactly what I said from the planning phases was to catch up with old friends. We opted on one morning hours to neglect all the plans and hang out collectively. Weekend like this How many times in my life will I get to do another ladies, with friends who have known me for such a long time, who knew me in my own most vulnerable times in college? These are the girls who helped me learn a deeper love of God, who prayed over me countless times, who still know me so well. The weekend of fun and rest and friendship Which was the reason for.

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