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In this post, I will tell you how to look after your skin in the monsoon season. These tips are for each person, whether they are male or female. If you want my post, do not forget to like, comment, subscribe, and share. Because of rain and sticking through the monsoon season, skin glow is lost, and your skin becomes lifeless.

This sweat becomes more sweaty during this season so that the oil gets deposited on the skin, increasing the probability of blackheads and acne thus. Therefore, scrubbing is very beneficial in this year to keep porous skin oil free. It is also necessary to take special treatment of the skin in the monsoon because the skin becomes viscous and lifeless due to increased moisture in the air. Therefore, some tips here are being given. 1. Do not forget to regularly clean the skin daily, use toner, moisturizing, and use sun-cream.

2. Usually do not use soap, you wash your face with light face wash according to your skin type. 3. Usually do not accumulate drinking water throughout the house, to avoid allergic reactions from mosquitoes and bugs. 4. Do not keep your legs, skin, or hair wet for a long period as it may cause skin problems like fungal infections.

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5. The sun’s rays can damage your skin layer, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen. It’ll protect you from hypersensitive and ultraviolet rays. 6. You can also use fruits masks. Make a mask by grinding apples, pineapple, and watermelon in ripe papaya. 7. The light of the make-up will be as easy as you can to take pleasure from the weather.

Manicure and pedicure may be good for you but use waterproof eyeliner and mascara. 8. Exfoliate at least twice weekly. 9. Utilize the real face wash manufactured from fruit draw out. 10. Each time you wash the facial skin, use the skin brightening toner so that the epidermis flushes off. 11. Stay away from heavy moisturizing creams, cream centered make-up and greasy foundations. 12. Mint centered skin tonic is good for oily epidermis.

Store your skin daily in the refrigerator and apply it to natural cotton every day. Much refreshing will need a place. 13. Rosewater works as a natural toner also. 14. Also, use sunscreen along the way away. 15. Drink plenty of water, it keeps the wetness of your skin. 16. Wash the facial skin with lukewarm drinking water, whenever you can through the rainy season, so that extra oil can be released.

17. If your skin is dry, alcohol-free toner will be better used only. For oily skin add milk in gram flour and prepare pack and apply on face. Wash after 20 minutes. 18. For dried-out skin, add 1 tsp dairy in the form of toner 5 drop chamomile oil and use it. Soothing impact gives epidermis. 19. For toning of greasy pores and skin, add 10 tsp of water to the lavender essential oil and apply it. 20. Do not apply essential olive oil on the real face, it is only good in cold weather.

21. Mix egg yolk and 1-1 teaspoon yogurt and honey into the 3 tsp oatmeal for the monsoon face pack. If you don’t want to use egg, then use rosewater or Orange juice and clean face after around 30 minutes instead. Put this pack twice weekly. 22. Mix fuller’s clay, sandalwood natural powder, and gram flour in a similar amount and keep it in an airtight container. Whenever you want to use, mix 1 tbsp of water in just a little water, and prepare the apply and paste, wash it on drying.

23. It is better to employ a light oil-free cleanser. 24. If your skin is too dry, then use the light moisturizer while keeping your skin type in mind. 25. The pack of oatmeal-tomato is also very beneficial. Add 1 small oatmeal to a tablespoon tomato juice and prepare a thin paste.

Put 1 drop Peppermint GAS in it and clean the face with lukewarm water and apply this pack. After 10 minutes to clean the moist cotton balls and clean the facial skin with cold water. In the event that you follow these tips regularly, then there will be no problem in your skin and your skin will be feeding – even in the rainy season. Subscribe to read this interesting post.