HOW WILL YOU Install Linux And Window XP USING ONE Hard Drive

Yes, you can set up Windows and Linux on one hard-drive – known as dual-booting. Install Windows first, then secondly, install your choice of Linux – Ubuntu, Linux Mint, being popular distributions. Is it possible to set up Linux and home windows on same hard drive? Yes. To achieve this, you will need to reduce the screen partition so there is space for the Linux partition on the drive. How do you install windows if you have Linux installed on your computer? Boot with Windows install disk and follow instructions.

Recommend unplugging Linux hard drive if you intend to dual-boot. How will you create dual boot with two hard drives? To dual boot with two hard disks, just install one OS using one drive, and set up the other on the second drive. If you are dual booting Linux and xp, make sure you install xp FIRST, and then let Linux override the mbr.

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How do you install Red Hat Enterprise Linux without disturbing Windows? Unless you already have a free partition on your hard drive or yet another hard drive, you cannot install Red Hat Enterprise Linux without “disturbing” Windows; you’ll need to resize the Windows partition to make space. How do you format a Linux hard drive?

Formatting a hard drive with Linux installed is no different than formatting any hard drive. If you wish to completely format the hard drive, you may put in an installation CD of much any operating system quite, and as part of the install process you receive the choice of formatting the hard drive. Exactly why is it difficult to set up Windows when Linux has already been installed? Windows will not learn how to resize Linux partitions or add Linux to its bootloader. It is also rather particular about where on the hard drive it is installed to. How do you install Linux in windows 8?

Have a glance at WUBI (search Google) to install Ubuntu as a file, without making any changes to your Windows 8 hard-drive. To eliminate WUBI, simply use Windows utility to uninstall programs. Or, create a separate partition on the Windows hard-drive and install Linux (or which distro you intend to use) to the new partition. Remember to first backup important files onto an external storage space device.

How is it possible to put two Operating Systems on two hard drives like Windows XP on hard drive 1 and Linux on hard drive 2? I’d just like to say first off, it’s very nice to see people checking out Linux! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Basically, you just Install Windows on one drive, then install Linux on the other. Both drives have to be attatched to the computer. Put in your Home windows or Linux installation CD Then, and set up like you normally would, except choose the drive to install onto as the other hard drive.

How do you delete Windows xp from your dell? Format the hard drive, set up another version of Windows, or a Linux distribution. Can you set up xp after Linux in a computer on a single hard drive? Yes, you can. But no in the same logical partition. But it isn’t easy, because you shall have to edit shoe.ini file manually which is not trivial.