How To Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out From The Crowd

You will have to ensure that your Facebook page stands out from your competitors, if you would like a successful campaign. There are currently so many techniques you can personalize your web page that there is really no excuse for just about any business not to have a full page that appears unlike any others. Below are a few suggestions of simple changes that you may make to your Facebook web page.

Uploading the right profile picture is one of easy and simple ways to personalize your page. Much like most things on Facebook, there is no right or incorrect way to get this done step really. Of course you want to ensure that your picture is relevent to your page. For example, if you deal in fine art, you might want to have one of your masterpieces be your profile picture.

If you have an individual page, you should have a picture of yourself, children, something or household pets that showcases you. If you have a business page, a good choice would be your logo. One important things you must do when you put up a profile picture, whatever it might be, is to make sure it is size properly. Way too many people think Facebook will resize the picture for them to fit their thumbnail automatically. This unfortunately isn’t true, and this is excatly why sometimes you will notice a business site only having a portion of their logo showing.

Make sure and test your page so that your picture turns up properly after you post it. Make an effort to remember to never use greater than a couple of fonts on your page. Using one font will best work. If you’d like extra emphasis, use the bold or italicize feature. Fonts should be clean and readable always, and you want edges to attract attention to your duplicate rather than take attention from it.

Another aspect to consider is adding some pictures to your Facebook page that relate with your product or business. For instance, look at some of the big companies in the entertainment or soda business, and you’ll see pictures of their logos and products around their web page. Of course you might not want to go to this extreme, but you should be able to get some good ideas from them. See if you can find pictures that will convey your message and attract people to your page. Then look for ways to “brand” your web page to be unique. Although it will take you a while to make your Facebook page stand out, it’ll be to your benefit.

There are extensive changes you may make, but even though you only change a few things, you will be ahead of the majority of your competition who won’t take the time to alter or enhance their page at all. Take a look at a few of these different things you can certainly do and try to make your pages exclusively yours. This will be time well spent for your business success.

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