How To Launch A Successful Fundraising Campaign

Okay, so we’ve the basics down. You have built an engaged community online – they are stoked about your cause and ready to do something – and you’ve hooked yourself up with the right platforms and tools. It’s right time to begin a fundraising campaign! But just a little strategy is an order first. This implies harnessing a combination of website content, social media, traditional media (radio, TV, print) and email blasts. Think sweeping and broad. You are a military general.

Or an Olympian god. Your goal is to get your message out to your followers, wherever they may be. And motivate them to take action. Wherever your supporters connect to you, they need to start to see the same message with the same advertising campaign goal. Uniformity and Branding are key. So consider where and how you will launch different appeals. Social media, website updates, email blasts, and even true to life events should all flow in concert to make a huge whirl of excitement around your campaign.

You can also incite and ask followers to spearhead their own parallel promotions. Peer-to-peer fundraising can make an impact, even if it’s small-scale. Bottom line: Don’t just post an individual proactive approach on Facebook or send one email blast and then cool your pumps looking forward to something to occur.

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It ain’t gonna happen! You are responsible to keep generating the energy around your marketing campaign. Keep your campaign timeline short-ideally simply a week or two. Promotions that last long grow stale and lose momentum too. People think “Oh look, I’ve a complete month! I’ll later donate, ” and then ignore back about any of it rather than come.

A short campaign creates a feeling of urgency. Your impact rallying or statement cry for the marketing campaign should be dramatic, your deadline looming large. The consequences of not getting together with your deadline should be dire – a donor will stop matching funds after a certain date for instance. 100,000 for your organization. Get this to a linchpin of the campaign-people are wired to react to cooperative efforts installed in urgency. People don’t want to wade through a convoluted game plan; they want simple cause and effect: (i.e. Provide a Dollar, Save a Turtle). Cut through the sound and marquee underneath line.

Don’t established yourself up for failing by setting up the bar too much. You will be ambitious, but maintain your goal within reach so people aren’t overcome. 1 million to eliminate hunger forever! There’s nothing worse than convincing someone to donate and then making it hard for them to complete their donation. There’s a term for this: “Shooting oneself in one’s foot.” Ideally, you should be set up to receive donations in a few clicks just. How will you do this?

If you’re trying to collect information from followers as part of the donation process, keep these things complete a survey or complete additional fields after they donate, not before. Quite simply, eliminate all friction from the procedure. Don’t forget to test your website donation set-up – and have other people test drive it too – to make sure the process is quick and easy. Right now you ideally understand the need for visible storytelling for your organization.