Five Fabulous Uses For Grapeseed Oil In Skin & Body Care

I may be 33, but a blemish still pops up every now and then- usually after i am consumed with stress or traveling. 2x a day does miracles Some dabs with a natural cotton swab on the blemish! The cotton swab is key since it prevents the transfer of bacteria from your finger tips to other areas of your skin, which causes blemishes to spread.

Grapeseed essential oil effectively removes even the most stubborn eye makeup and helps to treat your skin at the same time with it’s potent antioxidants and vitamin supplements. It performs dual responsibility duties by targeting fine lines and wrinkles with powerful polyphenols while getting rid of makeup. Massage therapists love grapeseed oil for it’s quick absorption and compatibility with all skin types from sensitive to oily.

Our cool expeller pressed essential oil is not exposed to any chemicals like solvent extracted (cheaper and less effective) grape seed natural oils. It does not contain any chemical preservatives also, essential oils or additional elements. This makes it an ideal choice for moisturizing if you have allergy symptoms and/or reactions to lotions which need chemical preservatives so they don’t grow bacteria. Be very wary of any cream that claims it is “preservative free” if you don’t are keeping it in the fridge between applications and using it up in 1-2 weeks.

The best rule of thumb for extremely sensitive skin is to adhere to products with a small ingredient list that describe how the ingredient was formed. 100% natural grapeseed oil has just 1 component! Add 100% genuine grapeseed oil to a warm drawn bath to moisturize as you soak and relax.

Make a cup of tea or sip on some cucumber drinking water. You’ll hop out hydrated and relaxed! I am reminded of this use when I get phone calls and emails from happy customers stating they have attempted a large number “sensitive pores and skin” products with poor results. Customers have shared their personal tales including visiting a skin doctor who recommended cool expeller pressed grape seed essential oil for moisturizing extremely delicate epidermis.

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