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I am a Fire Fighter. We work a 24 hour change with no designated time (or time off) for meals. Therefore, we take lunchtime, supper, etc when possible between calls ever. They are generally interupted to perform our job. My question: do these circumstances make us qualified to receive standard deductions (per dium) rates for (business related) meals at work in a 24 hour time frame?

Believe it or not, this has been directly resolved by IRS actually. Unfortunately, the answer is that the meals aren’t deductible. The most cited rule is Rev commonly. Rul. So, under the Regs, meals are not deductible as a business expense. They’re considered living expenses and treated the same as meals for just about any other employed person, and therefore they’re not deductible.

By the way, the same general guideline applies for cops. There are a few extremely fact specific distinctions based on an incident out of Minnesota (Christey v. United States, 88-1 USTC 9205, 841 F.2d 809 (8th Circuit 1988), cert. When you have any relevant questions about your own circumstances, ask your tax pro. Like any good lawyer, I have to put in a disclaimer: Unfortunately, it is impossible to give comprehensive taxes advice over the internet, no matter how well researched or written. Before counting on any given information given on this website, contact a tax professional to go over your particular situation.

Yes. And this causes significant amounts of trouble for musicians and rings. Talent agent laws protect the artists. I believe the laws and regulations are so broadly broken because people wanting to get into the business part of music are usually uneducated about the laws and regulations and don’t understand their purpose.

Arts management programs often flunk on teaching real life things. Musicians often go with these plans because they seem to be the only game in town. Consult a lawyer knowledgeable in music and entertainment law. This website post is not legal advice and may not pertain to your state.

If you are musician or band and also you take yourself significantly, the first person you should placed on your team is a music lawyer. In the event that you conduct your music business with techniques that are substandard, you should have trouble moving up the ladder. If you’re writing songs, playing gigs, finding a manager, signing any contract, joining any website or service, or uploading your music anywhere — a music should be had by you lawyer that you seek advice from with before doing so. Unless you, you will be wrecking your future.

  • Strong dedication to agile practices
  • Allow Board staff or police agencies to review your invoices upon request
  • Future-forward, customizable curriculum
  • Properly substantiated
  • Define the purchasers who are “in” your sales and credit focus on zones and the ones who are “out” of it

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