Elyse Knowles ACCUMULATES Dog Poo THROUGHOUT A Low-key Outing In Byron Bay

She’s the glamorous Myer model and previous winner of The Block, who’s often hailed on her behalf girl nearby appeal. And Elyse Knowles demonstrated she’s just like the rest folks while picking up dog poo in her new hometown Byron Bay on Tuesday. The 26-year-old slice a relaxed physique while stepping out makeup-free to walk her dog Harlow at the beach.

Sporting ripped jeans, a beige-coloured bohemian blouse and green Birkenstock sandals, the blonde bombshell nailed hippy fashionable and was seen chatting to a friend. They’re trying to make a ridiculously oversized thing! No bad bloodstream here! Share Melbourne-born Elyse shifted to Byron with her sweetheart, Josh Barker, earlier this year. She previously revealed their decision to relocate with their dogs Isla and Harlow was an easy one, particularly because ‘everyone chooses cardboard over plastic’ and people there aren’t fixated on the phones.

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