Elegance And Beauty

Everyone has a different idea about the real purpose of makeup and how it should be used! THe Chanel makeup line creates some of the most amazing and alluring makeup looks I’ve ever seen. Their makeup collections and ads always seem to be so classic and delicate. I must admit that however the classic red lip and black liner are a classic combination, I often find a far more soft and delicate look alluring for the evening.

I find that I get the best makeup ideas when I’m viewing movies and I always find the night time, romantic dinner moments so inspirational. Some of the sexiest appears I’ve seen created are not overly dramatic but soft and subtle. I realize that lighting and all the other elements used in the movies business play a role in the end result, but I think that the result of the appearance is what’s important. To me a delicate smokey eyesight with an all natural-toned lip, perhaps infused with a soft berry stain can be more traditional and classic than anything!

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I wished to write this post to show that everyones notion of makeup is different – to one person, high drama, lashes, hot red or scarlet lips is the ideal sexy look and it will be can be! To others, developing a gentle delicate look is what makes someone look alluring true. I don’t think there is any one right or wrong answer. I say wear what you like and know that different occasions call for different makeup looks!

Culpeper wrote that walnuts, onions, salt, and honey could be missing to make an effective treatment for bites from any poisonous creatures and rabid dogs. Walnuts are rich in Omega-3 and antioxidants and because so many Westerners lack in Omega-3 each day or a serving of walnuts weekly to keep us healthy doctors recommend 4 walnuts.

Modern medical research has found the ellagic acid in the manganese and copper within walnuts blocks the metabolic pathways in our bodies which can result in cancerous cell growth. This can help neutralize potential cancer-causing chemicals and aids in preventing cancer tumor cells from replicating. Walnuts are effective in lessening the chance of prostate malignancy especially, so if an eating plan is had by a guy which includes tomatoes, walnuts, and pomegranate juice, he can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancers. Walnuts also contain melatonin, which really is a powerful antioxidant and helps you have a good night’s sleep. Omega-3 generally is wonderful for inflammation of the joints, boosts energy levels, and stimulates the brain.

It also reduces cholesterol levels and blood circulation pressure. If you dry the leaves, these are a good brownish color and are fragrant enough to use in a container pourris. An artist I know crushes the shells and uses the pieces to beautify the frames encircling his pictures. In Pakistan, pieces of the bark from the walnut tree are sold on the road instead of toothbrushes and toothpaste.