Disney Goes High-tech To Draw Fans To A New ‘Lion King’

The re-telling of the 1994 tale about the lion cub Simba, which starts in theaters across the world this week, was created with computer computer animation, gaming technology and virtual fact, plus live-action filmmaking techniques, director Jon Favreau said. The goal was to provide a “photo-real” look for expressive animals and African vistas, Favreau said.

Remaking a well-known movie is “tricky,” Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger recognized to reporters at the European premiere for “The Lion King” in London. Besides using new technology, filmmakers revise storylines to make them feel relatable to modern moviegoers, he said. Cast members said classic stories deserved a re-telling for different eras. Alfre Woodard, who voices the lioness Sarabi. Movie critics, however, provided a combined reception to the new “Lion King.” 60 % of reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes website were positive.

Many said it was aesthetically impressive but tame in terms of characters and storytelling. Even the harshest detractors expected the film would create massive solution sales given the common adoration for the original and an A-list tone of voice cast which includes Beyonce and Donald Glover. 2.8 billion hauled in by 2009’s “Avatar,” the highest-grossing movie of all right time. The brand new movie follows the original story of Simba largely, the cub that faces tragedy and must summon the courage to become leader. Well-known music such as “Circle of Life” results, with the help of an original melody by Beyonce, who voices the adult lioness Nala.

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