Ageless Beauty, Timeless Skin

The pursuing is an incident where knowledge really is power. A client came in for a facial, complaining of congestion all around her nasal area and cheeks. She had experienced this for over a year and was unable to get any clear answers in regards to what might be happening with her skin. During the treatment, I asked what acquired transformed in her life a year or even more ago-especially with her skin care regular. She did change skin care products right around then, but she didn’t feel this is the problem.

After taking a look at her skin, I agreed that it was congested indeed. I really felt it was product-induced rather than problem with too much oil production. The pores were clogged in a way that just didn’t appear consistent with overproduction of oil from within. Her epidermis acquired a spongy quality to it, like it was getting much wetness too.

It looked puffy and sensed oversaturated. My customer admitted to using too much product when she moisturized which she’d previously switched to dry skin products. She was doing this because her epidermis experienced “dry,” although she wasn’t oil-dry just dehydrated. These two conditions can feel the same (“My skin feels dried out.”) but the treatment, whether for dehydrated or true-dry skin, is not similar.

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Minus the congestion and current problems, her epidermis was normal or normal to oily. The first step: stop using so much product! Third step: exfoliate and use a clay mask as often as you can. Exfoliating shall help remove gathered surface deceased skin that can make skin feel dry. Clay can greatly enhance the condition of her pores, helping to clean out the superficial debris and keep her pores from enlarging. This customer do what many people do-she treated her normal to oily dehydrated pores and skin like true-dry pores and skin by over-moisturizing. Understanding the health of your skin-specifically the essential oil content of your skin-is essential to treating it properly.

I see this again and again: A client such as this one believes because her pores and skin feels dried out she actually has true-dry pores and skin. And in many instances that just isn’t the situation. Hopefully you’ll read information here and on my website and also have a much better understanding about the difference between dried out and dehydrated skin.

Then, after applying this knowledge, you can enjoy the benefits of proper skin care. My client’s skin, by the way, has improved dramatically. After switching to a more appropriate moisturizer for her actual type of skin as well as using less product, the spongy quality to her skin has all but disappeared. As well as the congestion she was experiencing has been cut in half at least. This misunderstanding between true-dry skin and dehydration is something that will keep discovering my clients-and their problem skin. Sometimes (not necessarily, of course) the problem is misinformation. Still puzzled about “dry” vs. Is YOUR SKIN LAYER Truly Dry or simply Thirsty?

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