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Some people like to know the fine detail and, as I am one of them, is my interpretation of what I noticed and often used here. Built along a ¾ mile strip of sandy bay between two headlands that separate it from its neighbours. Lots of the rooms are one level and Personally, i didn’t see any that got other rooms on both sides.

It is situated about 40 minutes from the airport just on the other side of the capital St Johns next to a town called ‘Five Islands’ where many of the Galley Bay staff live. They have built their reception area on the mainland aspect of the lagoon which is here they have their carpark and taxi stop. To access the main area of the hotel they take you by buggy across just a little bridge and deliver you as well as your bags straight to your room. Everywhere is very well manicured and there is a ruin of an old but preserved sugars mill alongside where you sit down and revel in a frosty towel and welcome drink if you would like one.

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Most people have prepaid but they will probably ask for credit cards details in the event you want any of the few extras over and above the all-inclusive package deal like excursions and meal upgrades. The staff are extremely slick in the real way they handle busy arrival periods so it should not take long.

Obviously if you want a taxi throughout your stay that’s where you go plus some taxis choose to hold back for trips in the automobile park. You may get there by asking for a buggy to take you from Guest Services. Around the hotel aspect of the lagoon there is certainly another ‘main’ entrance and inside you will find guest services. It really is usually manned by one to two staff and this is the primary hub for some enquiries by guests.

It is not a huge area and the staff know what they are talking about. Attached to it is a little shop/boutique selling souvenirs and summer clothes. Additionally it is worth noting they sell essential non-prescription medications covering most holiday ailments plus American brand cigarettes. For information, if you want UK cigarettes have a taxi into Heritage Quay in town where you can get duty free prices with your passport. There is certainly pressure from some non-smoking guests to get it banned but they have chosen a more equitable plan.

This is that you can smoke outdoors and on view sided bars (all are) although they rely on your good sense to keep away from people ‘choking’ and ‘tugging faces’. I do not smoke but my wife does and she had no nagging problem from anyone. You are asked not to smoke in your room or in the dining section of restaurants which seems reasonable if you ask me but there seemed no issue about having them on room balconies or patios.

The only other smoke people might notice is when the ‘fog’ the hotel a few times a week. This happens in the early night time when the resort hopes many people are in their rooms getting ready for drinks and dinner. They drive a buggy around that sprays out a variety of smoke and bug repellent to eliminate off mosquitos and every other nasties. It is particularly necessary with the close proximity of standing drinking water in the lagoon even though they make an effort to keep that water moving with fountains.

It works well and I acquired no bites from mosquitos. Obviously the beach and the sea are extremely important and one of the good reasons you went on holiday anyway! As I said earlier the beach is long with rocky headlands at either side. It is sandy and it is on two levels almost. The top half is flat and runs right up to the rooms. It is here that sun beds sit (one for everyone however, not always used) and gleam lot of shade from palm trees and long lasting grass umbrellas.