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Business Law Clinic student clinicians gain real-world experience by representing business owners, small business owners, and not-for-profit organizations, under the supervision of faculty. As students in Loyola’s Business Law Clinic, you shall have the opportunity to develop essential lawyering skills in a professional, interactive live-client environment. You will work under the direct supervision of licensed attorneys to signify entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as people who are seeking legal assistance with not-for-profit organizations.

While in Gaborone, the kids who are part of CEOs of Tomorrow will be helping teach kids from Bokamoso School the art of entrepreneurship and how to build a business that is socially conscious. The issues that children are facing in Gaborone are exponentially more dire than the problems facing the teens who are part of Hentz’s program.

The kids in Gaborone have near to no technology, are facing almost insurmountable financial challenges and have been living in extreme trauma. During the trip, of Tomorrow will be matched up one-to-one with eight kids from Bokomoso kids from CEO’s. UW-Madison has been collecting these discovery boxes from other countries in order to help people understand daily life in those countries.

Since no finding box yet exists for Botswana, UW has asked CEO’s of Tomorrow to use this as an chance to curate a container for Botswana and show the life of a teenager there. “None of the youngsters from Botswana have had any training,” Hentz informed Madison365. “THEREFORE I opt for college and nonprofit business that works specifically with orphaned and abused youngsters.

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Their kids got to apply because of this and interview with their employees to do this around and then their staff picked eight, so then we’ll have a someone to one match. Of Tomorrow result from low-income backgrounds Most of the kids in CEO’s. 10,000, allowing each teen on the visit to get access to a partial scholarship.

But Hentz says that donations are still needed. Two of the eight students slated to visit have yet to be completely funded still. And, while of course, they shall go no real matter what, Hentz says that anyone who can help fund those last two kids’ life-changing trip would be very appreciated.