A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing: 02/01/2019

Yes, I’m putting on a Three Wolf One Moon tee clothing. If you’re undesirable to watching it but interested in that which was said, here’s the link to the transcript and the radio broadcasts (edited and unedited). Winning or shedding didn’t matter if you ask me. I knew I’d lost before I even accepted the invitation. More on that later. And for individuals who are wondering, I came across Scott Turow to be smart, personable, wonderful, and a good guy. If he disliked me he hid it well, and I certainly didn’t dislike him.

Considering all the shit I’ve been giving him with this blog for years, it was a jovial meeting surprisingly. That said, he’s still wrong about a lot. I’m very enticing to go through the transcript and fisk the points he made during the debate that I didn’t get to react to, but I’ll limit myself to Turow’s closing declaration. Scott Turow: I really do not judge things based on what’s good for me. Actually, I spent twenty years looking to get my first novel published. I used to be Joe Konrath which experience never leaves me. And I am concerned about what is best for authors in general, not what’s best for best-selling authors.

Joe sez: Scott may not judge based on what’s best for him. But I really do it all the time. I believe what’s good for me is wonderful for writers in general. However, I was never the head of an enormous writing business, and when I make a declaration it isn’t picked up by the media and touted as fact to thousands of people.

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Turow spent twenty years looking to get published. Here’s finished., though: he may have been Joe Konrath, but I’ve never been Scott Turow. There are several authors who have been Joe Konrath, selling a written book. And by “lots” I mean “almost all”. But an extremely minuscule, teeny-tiny percentage ever had the success Scott do. As the legacy publishing industry is with the capacity of creating a huge hit like Turow, it’s as rare as winning the lottery. Nevertheless, you aren’t even permitted to buy that one lottery ticket unless the gatekeepers allow it.

Anyone can self-publish. Though the majority won’t have the success that I’ve had, at least there aren’t any obstacles to entry. When presenting an argument for the masses, you mustn’t for a part using the ideals as examples. You should argue using the mean (or median) data. Most writers won’t attain my success.

Fewer will attain Turow. That is what is best for authors generally. Scott: Amazon wins. Most of us have to get entrepreneurs. The best-selling writers are the social people who will prosper most in that situation, because it’s an undifferentiated mass. People whose titles are known would be the winners already. But I understand — I know that the operational system we now have — yes, great, Joe, good.