“One Rainy Night That Changed My Life.”

I sing along with the tune and bob my head laterally. Today is a good day my heart say smiling. The drive takes away all my stress and I view the scene to my left to the passing fields nearby. The trees dance, having an affair with the wind flow, flowers ripened and flirting with the bees.

Kids playing, running, pushing, chasing after dragonflies along the muddy trails next to the paddy areas. I take a breath. Love is within the new air. So many beautiful what to see and revel in and folks say man need a female beside him to enjoy his life! I smile at the thought and put my ft on the accelerator to increase a bit. I know speed kills, but guys just live a little.

  1. Extra Hydration and Masks
  2. Do not routinely assist with transfers or bathing activities unless necessary
  3. Cotton pad
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I see the margin of sea at the distance and prepare myself for a relaxing fun packed day ahead. Wishing to have a ball of the right time, with ready bikini clad ladies. Hey, don’t assess me, I am a guy. Parking my Rolls Royce I stretch out my hands and turn around closing the door but not before taking my beach handbag.

I go through the calm beach and smile gladly. I love this beach for a good reason. It isn’t crowded, ample privacy, yet not isolated to doubt about its habitation. Walking on the beach and entering my usual cool drinks bar, I place my bag on the counter and whistle the tune of the last heard song on my car stereo.

Suddenly a head bobbed up from under the counter. “Yes, how can you are helped by me? ” the unknown blond haired girl with smoking hot blue eyes and a figure worth to kill for asks me coolly. “Hey, is John here…” before I complete my question. ” John’s gruff tone of voice accompanies him to the counter. “Oh hey Jade. How are you kid? 0 of 8192 personas usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in remarks, but URLs will be hyperlinked.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hi Jackie, pleased to see you here. Thanks for your lovely words. Ain’t the thrill of unidentified future intriguing? Day ahead Have a lovely. An unusual find, perfectly written. An excellent story and I appreciated ever word. You are hoped by me plan more chapters.

Hello Ruby, Thank you a lot for your lovely go with. I had been glued to my seat. Great tale, fun to read..Cheers. 2nd part because of this one. Wow, a lot action in a single page. I will be back with my tea to read another part to this! And i feel so silly for such a blunder.. Hi, I really like your story, one of those basic things that change someones life, great stuff! Just one thing though, when you say makeup I think you mean make out?