We Are OUR VERY OWN Worse Enemies

When you are out en femme, please DO use the females washroom. You will see no problems, as as you become a female long, be casual, and follow a few equitquette tips the following: When there is a lineup, wait politely in line. Without exception, when the stall is used by you, DO sit down.

Following this, wash your hands, and spend a moment in the mirror examining your hair/makeup. You’re not in a huge hurry. They call it a “rest room” or a “powder room” for grounds. Which, my friends, is all you need to know about females room protocal. Be polite, be respectful. It’s that easy. Following this recipe, the worst case in any ladies room is a sidelong glance.

This calmed Freddie relatively, but his debut on the public stage as a little girl was still too frightening to contemplate. The drive to the shopping mall seemed over in no time and Freddie suddenly found himself amidst a sea of consumers. He was drawing attention. Not because he had been flagged as being a boy in girls’ clothing but because of his prettiness and the fussiness of his clothes. No other young lady in sight was dressed up as he was. They inserted a posh division store and trip the lift to the Games and Playthings Division. Freddie looked wistfully at the Boys’ Toys department, using its computer games, mountain bikes and action figures but their destination was the Girls’ Toys Department.

Freddie was dazzled by the pinkness of everything. At Sylvia’s bidding, Freddie was shown an array of dolls, complete with dolls’ houses, prams and accessories. Freddie felt like dying of shame at having to choose such girly toys. There was one doll that he pointed out that was different. It was an Amazon girl clad in armour and wielding a sword.

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That doll wouldn’t be so very bad. Sylvia frowned again “Sweetie, I must say i don’t believe that doll is appropriate for you. You are so pretty and ladylike!”. To Freddie’s dismay, she reached out for a doll that was a child one, complete with dummy and nappy “Baby Tiffany”. A pram, tea collection and baby bath were added to the buys to Freddie’s horror.

Freddie was given his doll to try out with on the trip home and he had to produce a show of cosseting and mothering the plastic material baby. Whilst the adults, and Roni, lounged about, Freddie acquired to produce a show of bathing and feeding baby Tiffany. If his sister could now see him, he would die of shame. It was the pram that bothered him most though.

It got sat going back two days in the lounge. Eventually, Sylvia would insist on him using it to consider Tiffany for a walk which meant going outdoors. The fateful day arrived and he was put outside in your garden along with his baby and pram. The pram was pushed by him with little enthusiasm, cursing Roni for putting him in this humiliating position in the first place.

He was startled by the sound of someone arriving over the fence. It had been a boy, no, it was a woman who appeared very tomboyish. Freddie blushed again “I’m eight years of age” he lied. Freddie, to his horror, burst into tears. Startled, Mary raced over to him and required him in her arms “There, there, little girlie” she cooed. Freddie said “Please don’t tell anyone” he begged. Freddie cringed as he said “Yes, It is enjoyed by me. Especially the knickers”. Mary climbed back again over the fence and vanished out of sight rapidly.

Roni came rushing away “Who was that, Hannah?” she demanded. Freddie shrugged “Girl nearby. She believes I’m an extremely sissy gal and wants nothing in connection with me”. Freddie viewed her leave in puzzlement. If his innate maleness was so obvious to an eight year old girl like Mary, why didn’t anyone twig what he really was? The next fourteen days transferred in a daze for Freddie. He was gradually getting used to the routine of little girlhood. Only 1 more humiliation was in store for him.