New Financing Business Action For Sri Lanka For Enhanced Balance Of Finance And Banking Sector

The new Finance Business Act that will launched soon will further improve financial stability while offering more power to the Central Bank or investment company. The intro of the new Finance Business Act will provide the Central Bank or investment company more authority to regulate the bank and financing industry. “A well balanced financial system creates a favourable environment for depositors and traders and encourages bank and financial institutions and markets to function effectively”. It encourages investment and financial growth, he said.

He said the financial system in Sri Lanka preserved a flexible and capably handled multitude of risks that arose in the powerful environment. The industry continued to be with strong risk management procedures in banks and finance institutions. The stability of the economic climate helped to keep based on the development programs of the country.

“It is important to truly have a well established economic climate in the country. Banks could create vulnerabilities of systemic character, partially credited to a mismatch in maturity of assets and liabilities. Maintaining a sound and a reliable financial system would depend on a competent and resilient banking system since the banking sector is the single most important segment of the economic climate. “Sri Lanka has gained a strong financial stability now and had a positive economic growth. This year the overall macro financial fundamentals continued more powerful and Central Bank is confident that it will maintain this growth momentum in the coming year,” Dheerasinghe said.

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