Combining Debt Is Helping This Couple PAY BACK $300,000

Money is often a primary way to obtain discord within a relationship. In fact, a 2018 study by Ramsey Solutions discovered that money is the No. 1 concern couples combat about and the second leading reason behind divorce, after infidelity. Two primary factors behind money-related stress were high degrees of debt and a lack of communication. In addition, the study found that 86% of couples wedded five years or less started off with debt.

Chris Jackson, a financial planner and CEO and creator of Lionshare Partners, told Business Insider. For instance, if the individual with the bigger amount of debts wants to be a stay-at-home parent, this needs to be communicated immediately, Jackson said. We spoke to Josh Hastings, a financial article writer who combined his debt with that of his wife Lauren Hastings.

Here’s how it’s gone for them up to now. 2,000 on a little personal loan that he used to produce a down payment on an investment property. 6,000 on her behalf car. Neither of these had personal credit card debt, as they monthly paid their cards. 165,000 to pay toward the townhome Josh already had purchased six years prior.

When they got married, the Hastings made a decision to combine their personal debt. Josh Hastings, a financial educator who runs the personal-finance blog Money Life Wax, informed Business Insider. However, as their relationship progressed, he said it became more obvious that six statistics of student loan debt was going to be a big part of their financial future jointly.

That debts was at first “a way to obtain friction” in their relationship, he said. Hastings said while he doesn’t recommend refinancing or consolidating debts, he will recommend treating your finances as one: one marriage, one house. Hastings said that the main element to paying down their debts is working on a pretty strict budget. For example, he said that when they first got wedded and visited refinance the townhome that he owned prior to meeting Lauren, their debt-to-income percentage was a little imbalanced. But then they determined an amount that worked to allow them to pay toward the training college student loans each month. However, Hastings said they may be fine-tuning their debts management all the right time. For instance, they didn’t refinance their student loans until it was financially advantageous.

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