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I get to make my own skin care because my dermis is so private. So, The Solar was commenced by me Muse, for people like me who’ve allergy symptoms or chemical type sensitivities and cannot use a lot of off-the-shelf products. I did a one month Face Oil trial of 3 formulas on women & men of different ages and skin types. Nourish is a lot more astringent blend for oily/blemish prone pores and skin. Facial natural oils are pretty magnificent when you find the appropriate blend.

Indeed the sahaba didn’t record the date because it’s not important. What’s important is the true story and relevance. Second question – where did it happen from? Here we see a difference in opinion; both in Bhukari. Then he affirms “Jibraeel AS brought to me a dubaa. It really is smaller than a mule but larger than a donkey. Pure white and it was called al Biraaq (lightening). And it sets its hoof where in fact the optical eye can easily see”.

Here is where some legends get started – the image of Biraaq with wings is not narrated. This hadith says the Biraaq is a physical creature which can run much faster as a normal horse. Such that it jumps as far as the vision can easily see fast. Every second 20/30 miles. But this is a physical creature.

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According to Tirmidhi, the prophet PBUH said “it had a saddle and a harness”. So Jibraeel AS was securing the harness and the prophet PBUH mounted al Biraaq. Then its narrated al Biraaq jumped up, but Jibraeel AS said “woe to you, how dare you do this, for walahi no person has ridden you that is more blessed in the sight of Allah than your present rider”. Note this shows al Biraaq has been ridden by other riders. This again shows the Biraaq is a physical creature since it reacted just like a normal pet animal.

It also shows Allah has generated things beyond our knowledge. Even the jinn have beasts and animals – think about of the other world? Subhan’Allah. Therefore the prophet PBUH mounts Biraaq and said that “I rode him and he required me until we arrived to Baytal Maqdas”. Here we note that at this right time there is absolutely no composition/sanctuary at Baytal Maqdas. Because the christians wished to make a point that they have no respect for the jews. Historically they’ve been popular to be anti sematic.

So it was a filthy area. Since it is from the garbage dump – but this shows Allah changed it with the evening. The prophet PBUH said “I tied al Biraaq to the pet post that is used by the prophets.” This demonstrates the prophets experienced a special spot to ‘park’ their pets or animals.

This again shows the prophet PBUH is witnessing a composition not being seen by men by Allah’s potential. Allah is featuring the prophet PBUH the original Baytal Maqdas. Then the prophet PBUH said “I proceeded to go inside and prayed two raka’at”. Here’s we get another main difference: one narration says the prophet PBUH prayed two raka’at so when he switched around, he noticed all the prophets behind him.