THE WAY TO HANDLE Staff Problems

If you are experiencing trouble with a member of staff, this short article shall demonstrate the six possible strategies for dealing with the situation. A case study can be used to help clarify the different options. If you’re having trouble with a member of staff who’s not achieving the performance you expect in spite of being highly qualified, the problem is one of inspiration usually. With the help of an incident study we will highlight six possible strategies for talking to your subordinates about any motivational problems they might be experiencing.

Case Study You are the new manager of a local office that employs 15 staff. The office is extended with work but understaffed completely. After some time you realise that one of your team, John, who has been working at the working office for two years as an administrator, fails to take phone calls often. You have had a few customer complaints because of this already. What do you do? Strategy 1: The polite demand With this technique you clothe your displeasure in a polite request.

You ask John in a friendly tone of voice to start giving his incoming phone calls an immediate response, and you clarify why you attach so much importance to this then. You might say, ‘John, Id be much obliged if you could start picking up the receiver before its rung for the fourth time.

Its very important for our business reputation that customers should be served promptly. Thank you for you co-operation. Strategy 2: Praise for conduct In this case you should watch John and, when he does for once away lift the receiver straight, you should use the opportunity to praise him and express your appreciation.

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Wait before call has ended and then say to him, ‘I think its really great when you select the recipient up at once. You know, its extremely important that our customers should feel were available at any time. I appreciate something like that. Do not sound patronising. Strategy 3: Put your feet down This technique needs that you inform John in no uncertain terms to start receiving his calls at once.

Say to him, ‘John, I expect you to pick up the recipient before its rung for the fourth time. Have I was understood by you? Strategy 4: Sandwich method The sandwich method is a combination of praise, praise and criticism. Call John into your office for a talk and proceed as follows, ‘Im happy with how you look after customers. You do good work really.

But Id also like to explain how important it is to answer incoming phone calls right away. Our business reputation is founded on rapid service to customers. Please ensure that our customers dont have to hang on the telephone for an unnecessarily long time. Thank you for this friendly talk, and keep on dealing with the same success in future.