Santa Barbara PROPERTY

October’s real estate transactions strike 126 for the Santa Barbara area. June of 2008 acquired only 1 1 more deal, and the best number of sales in confirmed month this year was 135 in April. Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpinteria, and Montecito are neighborhoods which will be appealing places to live always. This is assisting to deliver a constant level of home sales. The buying season is usually from March to October and this season only 18 transactions seperated the high and low regular monthly sales number for that period. Can the stock market say that?

I know my 401k can’t say that, or must i say my 101k. Like worthwhile investment, demand is part of the magic that makes it go up in value. This year has not been what it had been in years past The demand for Santa Barbara property, but the uniformity makes me believe the demand has found it’s bottom level. The supply has been pretty constant as well, so if the demand starts to create next year then the price of homes may reach it’s bottom level.

If we are discussing a sit back restaurant sales information, you can use the daily order ticket, which are imputed into the computer then. Thus giving 3 sources: tickets, computer and daily tape totals. A double check process of restaurant consultants is to then look at the food purchases and its own costs and can concur that it matches the real sales statistics. 7,000 do the audit and put a marketing program for the buyer jointly.

The marketing program included delivery and wedding caterers. Both of which do not show up on the computerized cash register normally. You would suppose franchise restaurants records would be very accurate because the franchise company gets a percentage of the revenues. The larger ones connect up to the average person franchise and know very well what is going on faster then your owner. As stated above, the only sales that can be made rather than announced to the computer are catering or delivery orders, which could be achieved without ringing them up.

Some franchises do not hook up to the individual franchise computers and don’t do audits regularly. This allows the franchise to record reduced income to the company and the IRS. In the event either involves audit, they press the delete button using the pc. In the event that you as a buyer can access the computer you know the quantities are right even if they are not complete.

  • Identify Any Existing Records
  • Approximately 11
  • Any recovery received by the taxpayer (via insurance or elsewhere)
  • 2 National Expenditure Accounting Model
  • 7 March 2pm – Commence trading

It is impossible for the personnel or the owner to improve the computer information. The information can only be removed. Again catering and take out might not be on the computer. Theft from employees can only be in the form of 1. Employees that provide free food to friends. Some retailers are so paranoid of the IRS, they are not willing showing anyone their private records or computer tapes for dread that the buyer could be an IRS agent. My own opinion, and what I advice retailers to do, is to get their books honest and legal and hire themselves a top notch CPA, like Donald Trump, and use every legal trick in the book.

Martha Stewart didnt go to jail for inside trading. She was got by them on lying down. There are legal ways to avoid taxes so that fraud is not essential. If you fail to find a good accountant, I will recommend one. If you ask someone “Are you a government employee or IRS agent?” and they lie to you; that might be considered entrapment and a good possible protection in courtroom.

But, I ask you. Could it be worth the grief? The normal action of retailers, in this example, is to require that the customer take the business based on the recorded information and guess as to how profitable the area really is. This is an extremely difficult situation for the brokers and purchasers, since retailers do not price their business based on these reported quantities but bottom their price on the real numbers. I hope this is of some help you in doing due diligence on a restaurant you may be interested in buying. Auto repair shops are as bad as restaurants when it comes to under-declaring cash almost.

The normal process of most, I’ve run across, is to declare only the credit and checks card charges. The money they placed into their pocket. The great thing, in doing audits is that each one of these owners keeps their work orders-invoices almost. They are kept in monthly manila folders and placed into a drawer or file cabinet. They let you know that they keep these records never, but they do.