Living Stingy: 11/01/2019

You don’t have to be Warren Buffet to call Groupon as a hyped stock. And as I predicted, it just about has tanked and likely will remain tanked for a good very long time. Groupon again is within the news, rather than in a great way. The CEO is likely to be asked to step down.

The talk about price is in the toilet, there have been questions about accounting methods, you know, the usual shit. And I called this when it proceeded to go public, year ago a. Groupon was a fad that was fading fast. It had no protect-able business plan – anyone could take up a similar site, and did.

And its model to make money made no sense – for the business, the clients, and the consumers. And already, its pervasive and disturbing advertisements are disappearing from the Internet. You just don’t see Groupon ads anymore. 20 a talk about or even more, and are wondering “where all the money went”. And if you are a raging true believer, perhaps you think it will “keep coming back” and are hanging on to it. This type of thing happens all the right time. The News is the worst spot to get investment advice.

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Because as I mentioned before, only sudden events are deemed newsworthy. Hitler invades Poland – that makes headlines. Hitler gradually accumulates power over the ten-year period? Or take the housing marketplace. The bubble bursting makes headlines. The buildup and the warnings of the bubble bursting? Maybe a human interest tale on the inside page of the true Estate section, qualified with a “well, you never know very well what will happen” kind of thing. Sort of the same manner the news waffled about Hitler at the right time.

Whatever is “in the news headlines” at confirmed moment is probably a bad bet. You are able to count on that just. And I know this because when I used to be younger, I foolishly bought Martha Stewart’s stock, Martha Stewart Omnimedia. I recently rented the movie Martha Stewart, Inc. on Netflix. And taken to me all the actual fact encircling that case back again. Martha knew all about stock manipulation, as she was a former broker, who hyped Levitz Furniture stock, which bubbled and burst, and was the main topic of a study and, well, Martha had to discover a new job from then on.

And in retrospect, the theory a “Media Empire” crafted from a food preparation show and a newspaper could be worth a Billion dollars is kind of idiotic. Was it well worth something? Yes. However, not a Billion. And as some described, the entire brand was based on one individual, and if that one individual was missing from the picture (for example, disgraced and in jail) then the entire media empire could collapse. I made the mistake of shopping for a stock I didn’t understand. What I was buying was a minority talk about in an organization, whose only property were intellectual property – much like Groupon and Facebook essentially.

And it was a fad, to some extent, that was being bashed by the time the stock was offered already. But I puzzled popularity with chemical – a name mentioned in the mass media with success and success often. The two are not the same. By the way, MSO is still around, but is hemorrhaging cash, like Groupon just. So, when the Groupon IPO came out, The writing was seen by me on the wall structure.