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This article provides short revise on the stock market accompanied by an upgrade of Bob Brinker’s May investment advice. Email Alerts for New Articles: Click “Follow” on the right hands side of this blog and it (Google Blogger) should send you a FREE alert via email after i publish a new article here.

I am pretty sure it does not send email notifications after i make updates to the articles therefore i will try to create “check back” if I plan to enhance the article. Likewise, it might be very bearish for this to drop below the lower dashed green support line where filling the space at 20% off the record high would be highly probable.

Since March 2003, Bob Brinker has already established his portfolios one and two 100% in collateral mutual money. See Bob Brinker’s Asset Allocation History. Brinker continues to favor buck cost averaging new money into the market “especially during intervals of weakness” which he have not defined. Brinker says if a “Marketimer buy transmission evolves” between his regular monthly newsletters, then he will “post a Special Subscriber Message for gain access to” at his website. How traditional is that? Day I send email alerts the same, usually within hours while i buy or sell something in my own collection. Below my newsletter ad can be an example.

Reading between your lines, the actual fact Brinker only talks about a particular message for a “Buy Signal” between regular monthly newsletters is an obvious indication he’s tightly in the Bull camp. Two decades ago the market was down an identical 10% and Brinker spoken extensively about any of it on his show and in the newsletter. He even issued a particular buy signal just before it fell another 10% to make an official intraday carry market correction. Many of my online friends who follow the marketplaces and especially Brinker lost trust in how he managed this miss.

That is he didn’t discuss why he was incorrect or what he discovered. Subscribe NOW and get the May 2018 Issue free of charge! SPECIAL BENEFIT: All questions about what I write answered by Email. If what I write is not clear to you, just ask! Your 1 year, 12 issue subscription with SPECIAL ALERT emails will start with November issue. This allows you to place “limit orders” with your broker beforehand which means you can start your business.

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