August 2019 Dividends And Investments

This includes my August 2017 dividend report with a year-over-year (YoY) evaluation. 3. It shows that my strategy of income with development (as secondary) is working. 4. For the novice investor and reader of the blog, it proves that small monthly investments accumulate. 150 of SPHD and today own about 35 shares. I sold 50 shares of PGX.

PGX was my largest position and too greatly weighted. 31.04 in dividends. I’m making good improvement toward my goal. 50 per month in dividends. 42.14. Quantities vary where quarterly paying stocks Monthly, pay. 2000.per month in dividends to supplement interpersonal security and pension 00. This will take at least a decade, but the numbers show that I’m making good progress. My portfolio diversification effort continues.

I am still over weight in AT&T and am adding to SPHD to provide a better cross-section of American equities. I consider AT&T, SPHD, Realty Income, and PGX as core positions and have no plans to market. I reduced by heavy position in PGX and added more contact with energy and utility (BEP) and health care (CHCT).

  • Primary home
  • GDP deflator frequently changes weights while CPI is revised very infrequently
  • Invest in Flipping Houses
  • Child Support Services knows a parent’s accounts, possessions, or investments
  • Save for short-term goals
  • Mortgage brokers can shop the pace for you
  • The stock is showing promising development and revenue potential
  • Christopher Michio Baker

September will be slightly different. I am building a little cash position at the moment and baring a great opportunity, will limit amount invested. I’ve written with this blog that income is more a concentrate for me personally than growth. Growth is a second consideration and the reason is simple: I can easily monitor dividend payments and change if an equity fails to pay or cuts its dividend. With an emphasis on monthly payers, a big change can be produced and I “sleep better at night” quickly.

Growth is harder to forecast, requires more analysis, and many external factors affect growth more than income. For me, income as main is a workable strategy. For others, growth may be more important with income as a secondary thought. This blog – Investment Income – is aimed toward the investor or individual that wants or needs additional income, apart from salary or wages. Many people that are handicapped or retired struggle to pay regular debts.

I am not wealthy. I am handicapped from 25 years of multiple sclerosis and live on impairment income – not much. 200 would go to investment products with three brokerages: CapitalOne, Robinhood, and Fidelity. With this blog, I am aiming to illustrate a little kept and spent does change lives on the long-term.

I scrape and save like the majority of everyone else. I do anticipate living for another 30 to 50 years and can need additional income as I get older. This blog is evidence that income via dividends can be done then one that virtually anyone can do. Cheers and happy trading to all or any!