What’s Happening Painesville

Many of you may not know Mr. Sternot as well as I really do. Ray much go to all council conferences fairly. Here is a letter he sent all members of council after the last council meeting. I am always amazed by some of the discussions which i hear when I attend a council meeting.

I am still left wanting to know whether anyone takes the time to hear one another about concerns/issues.The feeling is got by me that very little understanding is achieved. Is Council really listening to resident concerns about the lack of information on a few of these issues? Also, I don’t see a true business or quality communications approach to some of these items. Like a former planner, I agree that all viable alternatives should be looked at when attempting to find a define a problem and discover a remedy.

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I would also agree with Mr. Hada that any difficulty . council has discussed many of the items listed in the letter presented to them by the POC. Unfortunately, I don’t see where in fact the analysis of the suggested alternatives have been documented by Council or distributed (communicated) with the POC or the citizens who will be voting on the levies come November. Where is the info on the site? What exterior communication has Council made available to the general public?

It is no question that there isn’t more rehashing of possible alternatives. Where is the program (Study) documents that resulted in the decision to place the levies on the ballot after considering a variety of alternatives? Where can we go read that plan? Furthermore, during the last meeting I noticed a person on Council say that maybe a multi-pronged approach to raising revenue might be a good idea. What’s wrong with that? It appeared, perhaps unintentionally, that this comment was dismissed.

It would be the levies or an increase in taxes by eliminating the taxes reciprocity is apparently the take-away message. I don’t think always going to the property owners is a good or the only path to invest in city services as many residents aren’t property owners. I’m also not sure about the taxes increase impacts.

What information has been recorded AND shared with residents? What’s wrong if multi-pronged decisions were talked about if the levies complete or fail? If we were holding discussed, where were those decisions details then? The question, at least in my own mind is what is being communicated by Council or understood by residents and voters?