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Now that it is toward the end of summer time, I’m sure everyone has seen it: men with hard unwanted fat bellies. Ever question why or how men can get rid of it? You probably make reference to the phenomenon of a guy with a belly that protrudes similarly to a pregnant woman’s as a “beer belly.” But the reason men get hard, fat bellies is not always as easy as ale consumption. The reason is the kind of fat they carry: omentum fat.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, teacher of surgery at Columbia University, said on the Oprah TV show that the only reason for the omentum organ is to store up fat. And it stores it within the stomach muscles, which makes a guy look extra fat but have a difficult belly. Though the conditions for hard, unwanted fat bellies are affectionate and funny: ale stomach, potbelly or extra tire, nothing is funny about omentum body fat.

Doctors also call this type of fat visceral unwanted fat, and it is the most dangerous unwanted fat to transport around. Visceral body fat is stored under the muscles as opposed to subcutaneous fat, which is stored under your skin. Fat released from the omentum organ travels to the liver. It really is prepared and then goes to the arteries, which is what causes high LDL cholesterol. The way men and even some women develop hard, excess fat bellies is from ingesting way too many calories. Beer can cause it, but so can eating too much food and drinking sugary sodas. Beer, however, is a huge contributor to the nagging problem for several reasons.

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Beer contains alcohol, and the liver burns off the alcohol instead of the fat, says Michael Jensen, an endocrine expert with the Mayo Clinic. Beer has a lot of calorie consumption, and if you drink several, you are ingesting too many calories. Also, the foods many people eat with beer tend to be fattening, such as pizza, chicken wings, onion rings and french fries. Invest the in too many calories, your body must store the fat someplace.

Women have a tendency to gain subcutaneous body fat under the skin instead of visceral fat under the muscles. So women can store fat in their legs, buttocks and arms in addition to their bellies. But fat in men tends to go mostly to the belly. In case your hard, fat belly measures more than 40 inches, you are at increased threat of developing heart disease, high blood circulation pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea, says Jensen.

The way to eliminate your hard, fats stomach is the same way you’d be rid of any kind of fat: burn up more calories than you ingest. Start eating well balanced meals and reduce your portion sizes. Also, get going. Check with your doctor to see whether you can certainly do some moderate aerobic fitness exercise 150 minutes weekly.