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There comes a time while i asked myself if I really need that much makeup. Lately, I’ve been analyzing my rituals and observed that my regimen has been simplified singificantly. I’m virtually makeup-less most of the time since I spend most of my days teaching or practicing, and I tend to sweat a lot really. I used to surprise people once i appear without makeup.

Now, people actually get amazed whenever I wear even just red lipstick. This No-Makeup Buying or Makeup Shopping Ban or No-Buy Ban has been going around for quite some time. Some girls I know are on that challenge (like for a year even) and there are a few girls who even blogged about their own challenges to motivate them.

There are those who even upped the task by including a Project Pan concern, where they not only not buy new makeup but they have to clear out palettes or hit skillet before buying anything new. The explanation of the ban is precisely what the name means: that I do not buy any makeup for a certain time period (I’m performing a couple of months.

I will dsicover how my entire life fares after the first month. I confess the first couple of days was hard particularly when there are new series coming out still left and right just in time for the holidays. I actually thought that by the first week I might go into just like a shocking withdrawal phase particularly when I see all the reviews approaching.

However, after getting over the first couple of days of withdrawal stage, I can now walk at the beauty section of the division store with a straight face and not even care or leave with a bag of purchases. I think back to just what a blogger said after her problem – that she ended up saving big money. And more money in your bank account is an excellent thing, right?

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So I thought as well, that while I’m in this no-buy challenge, I also figure out how to maximize what’s in my own current collection. I toss in a little of a customized Project Pan challenge. This motivates me to understand what I have and difficulties me to become more creative with my stuff – understand how to mix, become more creative and resourceful.

Oooh now my brain can do somersaults – exactly like what I really do in real life. Now how do I survive the first month without foaming at the mouth area or breaking into a hysteria everytime I’m in the beauty portion of a deparment store? You might have had a clumpy mascara there in your kit, or lipsticks that have turned rancid. Get rid of expired items and present away items that are still good but something you don’t actually need or like or probably just bought out of a whim. My friend Azaza is on a Project Pan concern. She’s a palette of the month where she uses to experiment looks.

Having a friend who’s into this challenge or something similar gets you motivated. Of viewing this as a punishment Instead, I’m viewing this as an chance to also get creative, discovering colors I don’t usually use and appears to do because let’s admit, we all have a go-to look. Sometimes, when a collection comes up, they’re actually just recycling old shades and repackaging them in new limited release packaging. That very duper limited release lipstick which costs like a week’s worthy of of coffee may have a very similar color that is available in your kit. Hey, when the colour is on your lip area, no one would know the brand.