Are Fitness Trackers Dead?

I’m not a giant fan of constructing expertise for the sake of expertise. But constructing technology that can enhance human health and advance the common good — that’s a game-changer. And that’s why, at first, I was thrilled when the “quantified self” movement came alongside and everyone started carrying these fitness trackers that measure coronary heart price, steps, calories burned and other important statistics. I assumed, here’s a expertise that may revolutionize well being and assist us reside longer, extra active lives.

Not really. Wearable fitness gadgets haven’t exactly modified the human situation. Sales are on the decline because, because it stands as we speak, the quantified self doesn’t work. For the common client, the data generated by fitness wearables is meaningless. My tracker, for instance, can measure my physique-fat percentage and body-mass index to inform me that I’m a bit overweight. Big deal. One, I already know this. Two, there’s not much I can do with that information, apart from attempt to eat better or train more. The same goes for my heart charge.

How does it help me to know how briskly my coronary heart is thrashing? Sure, coronary heart-rate measurements are helpful for an elite athlete however not for the average consumer. That is why most fitness trackers end up in a desk drawer after a couple of months of use. To be relevant, fitness trackers and other wearables have to really make our lives higher.

For example, what in case your system could make decisions and take actions that actually improve your well being? What if it might ensure you get an extra hour or two of deep sleep over the course of the week? That could be helpful. How would it work? Let’s say it’s a Thursday night time and you’re out with some buddies. Now think about your fitness tracker has calculated that you simply haven’t gotten enough sleep this week.

The sensors within the machine can ship a signal to your alarm clock app to wake you up at 7:30 a.m. 7 a.m. The same sensors can then ship a message to your ride sharing app to pick you up at eight a.m. 7:30 a.m., your typical departure time. The device might also tell your internet-linked hot water tank to attend an additional 30 minutes before it starts warming up the water to your morning shower. As long as you have a versatile work schedule, your fitness tracker could make changes that assist enhance your general health.

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  • You will want lab work done regularly to test on your nutrition
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  • Exercise strategies and form

Here’s one other great software for fitness trackers: sensors that keep you properly hydrated. This might be fairly helpful. Most Americans are constantly dehydrated. Actually, one examine found that seventy five percent of Americans expertise a web fluid loss on daily basis and are chronically dehydrated. Not solely do we not drink enough water, we drink too many caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, and we eat too much sodium.

Is that an issue? Yes. Dehydration causes fatigue and might lead to that dreaded afternoon energy crash that many people experience, in line with a number of research. Plus, when you’re dehydrated you are usually more argumentative, have a shorter attention span and fly off the handle more simply as a result of your physique is underneath stress.

It’s like driving a car that’s low on oil — don’t be shocked when smoke begins rising from the hood. One research discovered that dehydration is linked to a drop in concentration and short-time period memory, as well as a spike in emotions of anxiety and irritability. The first motive most of us don’t stay correctly hydrated is that by the point we get thirsty it’s already too late.

We’re already dehydrated. So how can wearables assist? Imagine having a hydration sensor that warns you 30 minutes before you enter a state of dehydration and reminds you to drink a glass of water. Proper hydration might help elderly women keep their joints lubricated and cut back the consequences of osteoporosis.

It will help children concentrate in school and get better grades. It may even make us look younger, because proper hydration can contribute to a radiant, wholesome complexion and stop wrinkles. It’s actually fairly easy. If wearables can deliver outcomes that make a tangible and instant difference in our lives, these units will stay on our bodies — and never on a shelf gathering dust. And the well being purposes of sensor know-how do not stop with fitness trackers. The correct sensors can rework your smartphone right into a potent medical system.