What Is HAD A NEED TO Change The Equal Representation In Senate?

What is needed to change the equivalent representation in senate? 8th grade constitution study guideWhat is required to change the equivalent representation in senate? An amendment would be needed by one to the constitution. The senate was specifically made to be equal. If not the continuing expresses with the most human population would control everything.What is needed to change the equal representation in senate? Well lets see 8th grade , What was I really do in in 8th quality , gott it Baby , ‘;Camallot ‘;!

See ya Valentines day Hon, Where we goin? Not sure. Google it Maybe? It’s the Reason behind the senate. States have representation based on population in the homely house,, but the senate gives some say as to what is passed giving equal representation to less populated states. Without the senate, large states like NY, and CA would decide for the rest of the country, of the actual people in areas like RI regardless, and Alaska think. So to change the equivalent representation in the senate means to kill the senate all together. That would appear great to the east coast and southern california (liberals), but means catastrophe for the midwest (conservatives).

Two good answers above. Nothing else can be added. There is nothing needed except a very important factor.. We look at who to vote for by party and not by the most crucial thing. You may notice we’d an extremely Liberal Republican being voted in just! Liberal or a Conservative. We’ve had 45 years of Liberal rule and After all according the ‘;assessments and amounts’; which mean exactly this.. President is not just a ruler and he can get his way only by general public pressure. However, would this pressure be a positive thing as what is it for?

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We see the Liberal ideas never have worked.. Giving our taxes money away only improves our debt and the cost of living for our families. Dollar value falls and, if you have your job still, you shall get less for every dollar. Take a look at gas prices now! We’ve high summer months prices inside our winter months. What will summer months bring when farmers pay high price for his or her fuel and vehicle fuel must rise as well.. They give us our groceries. We were warned by even the Liberals to shop locally, signifying they will impose more penalties on the plantation and trucking industry. This means they were going to do this already!

I knew they might as this is how they get their way! It is those in middle-age and younger will suffer and those who are up in age group, but not rich! Our Nation is headed for the largest depression ever! Much worse than 1929 and worse than in 1887 when most companies closed their doorways even.

Only the fool would say.,, hey, we’d a Conservative President! We fail to observe how our government works therefore we get the same results. Our biggest problem is our Supreme Court. It is filled with 85% Liberals who have the same wrong ideas that have not proved helpful for 45 years. We keep electing a majority of Liberals to Senate and Congress, no matter who we devote the White House!

I know our last President didn’t do what he must have.. Congress and the Senate to help make the good changes. I am 64 and have been through the nice times and saw the bad coming. Each and every time we’d a Republican President, that was almost Conservative then always, we had a Liberal Congress and Senate. They could do little to nothing unless they appealed to the folks. Now we have a Liberal media and have had this because the early 60’s. The type of response will a Conservative President get from this mass media?