Why Don’t I TAKE ADVANTAGE OF Make-up Remover Wipes?

Wow, it’s hard to think that Spring is already upon us! Exactly three days ago Ms. Florida Weather had an abrupt mood swing and made a decision to land on this – a humid and hot, tropical, summer climate. Let’s just say that people skipped “springtime” altogether – the best season out of them all! Oh poo. Well, I assume it’s time to schedule in a few spring cleaning! For April and May, the Clean Beauty Box partnered up with a holistic and all-natural skin care brand that I’ve been dying to try for a while now – Wabi-Sabi Botanicals! Before we get into the deets about the merchandise, “what’s the Clean Beauty Box,” you may ask?

Every other month, they collaborate with skin care and beauty brands to give a themed and curated collection of 2 to 4, full measured products, to your entry way. This month’s illustration of crystal and rare gems are by designer and illustrator Zoe Wodarz. So bright and unique, I discovered this gorgeous package on my doorstep from a stop away! This month’s container, themed “Balance,” features two full sized products by Wabi-Sabi Botanicals.

  • Avoid tanning bed or other similar type of indoor tanning as it halts your skin to cure properly
  • Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Gel – Buy it here
  • Mix the ingredients completely
  • Reducing fine lines
  • Add Calcium Gluconate 1 tsp volume in one glass of water

And it includes the limited edition of the Balancing Act Intensif Serum No.2 in a larger size than previously (15ml) and in a Brazilian Tiger’s Eye crystal ball applicator! This is an exclusive pre-launch, ya’ll. I don’t know about you, but when I hear “exclusive” and “pre-launch,” I get excited.

The Balancing Act Intensif Serum No.2 is an oil centered serum formulated with three organically cultivated elements: guava seed oil, sacha seed oil, and borage seed essential oil. I am surprised by how light-weight this essential oil formulation is still. Initially, I didn’t even recognize that it had oil in it until I browse the inner pamphlet. The consistency of the serum is so lightweight – like the texture of Lea & Perrins’ Worcestershire Sauce.

I like to utilize this after my water centered serums as a final step to my night time routine or just before I apply SPF in the mornings. It gives my epidermis an immediate radiance and glow! That the weather is humid and hot Now, I can omit moisturizer on times which i apply the Intensif Serum No entirely.2. And in the same way a heads up, although I personally like the earthy, bitter almost, Asian-y medicinal fragrance of the serum, it can seem more potent than others. The unique rollerball applicator lends itself to a more even distributing of the oil serum and I love giving myself a mini massage therapy with it too.

Now that I’ve attempted The Balancing Act Intensif Serum No.2, I’m curious about their other Intensif Serums No. 1, 3, 4 and 5! A lot of you know which i am a huge proponent of double cleansing. Unless I’m in an enormous rush, or photographing swatches of foundations for the blog, or on a short trip where I don’t possess the choice of bring liquid-y skincare along, I don’t usually use make-up remover wipes.

I most prefer a water soluble essential oil cleanser like this one by Boscia. Why don’t I use make-up remover wipes? The wipes feel tough and pull on your skin – especially, again, around the eyes. And many of them are drenched in chemical solutions with preservatives and who knows what.

Why do I really like double cleansing with oil? The massaging aspect of the cleansing oils not only feels therapeutic and soothing, the massaging action helps in dislodging dirt and particles from the pores. The steam from the hot running water and the pressing of the warm cotton washcloth, helps in opening up the pores and feels like a pampering spa session. I’ve attempted several different containers of cleansing natural oils this past year and, honestly, it’s not no problem finding one that’s “perfectly” but this one comes close.

This formulation doesn’t sting my eyes, and the purifying oil has the aroma of you just stepped into a Starbucks with a newly brewed batch of Vanilla Almond Chocolate Milk Latte with whipped cream at the top. The Giver is on another level of cleansing oil. Used as an oil cleanser, as you massage this into the skin, not only are you removing makeup, however the exposure to different place and seed extracted oils bring with it many skin benefits. This is such a luxurious oil, in conditions of its high quality ingredients, that it doubles as a face oil and even works incredibly as a ends-of-the-hair conditioning oil.

I’ve been using the Giver as a face essential oil at least one time or twice weekly to seal in drinking water based serums and moisturizers. It’s especially an excellent overnight mask. Do not forget to take it down your neck of the guitar too! Hair, like skin, is so customized for everyone and I rarely discuss hair-care on Beauty Cleanse. But I’ve tried a handful of different face oils to condition the ends of my locks this past year and The Giver by Wabi Sabi Botanicals has become my absolute favorite! Why do I take advantage of face oils instead of a product which has been formulated exclusively for the locks?