Top 10 Creative Employee Recognition Programs

Place a jar within an employee accessible location and print out the disallowed word on the jar. Each right time the word or name is spoken, an amount must be placed by the offender of money that is fair and all can afford in the jar. Make certain the jar obviously states the employee’s name in honor of the day and they will win its contents at day end, you can also make this an entire week event. Instead of those employees of the month plaques that once started, appear to fall flat, offer the employee of the month a day off with pay.

You will have to incur the payroll cost, but this creative employee recognition program doesn’t require the purchase of the plaque or badge and is highly visible. Day but after a hard day’s work It may seem your employees love pot good fortune, who would like to go back home and cook something?

Set a goal for a division or the entire company and generate a local caterer with tasty foods the employees don’t have to prepare on their own. 5. That’s My Car! For a job well done, implement a motor car wash reward. This creative employee recognition program is achieved when offered in departments from supervisors best. Allow the noted employee to defend myself against the responsibilities to be supervisor for a day-you could even find ideas for improvements you never thought about and can implement in the employee’s honor. Many companies have reserved chairs for sports whether they are major or minor leagues.

Even if your business doesn’t, call local arenas and ask what special discounts you can get and provide two free seats to local sports. When you can afford it, alternate the kind of sport seat tickets you are providing for the special employee work. The morning to relax rather than think about rush hour traffic Everyone wants that they had that more time in.

Hire a limousine service to get the recognized employee-and yes, area of the prize is a past due arrival to any office! Have the limo service offer juice and bagels. Skip the usual restaurant or movie tickets and instead provide a present certificate employees really want. Think variety of options here such as Amazon or eBay where employees have many what to choose from. Don’t forget to include enough in the present certificate to protect shipping costs or offer to reimburse the employee shipping expenses.

Both women and men love massages so attach with a local therapist to schedule regular massages for high-achieving employees. Make sure the employee gets to enjoy the massage on a normal working day-for example, evening off with a massage therapy to relax them before they head home for the day the. These creative employee recognition programs will be well received so long as you remember that once you implement any reward program, you follow through and continue it. If you’re intermittent about identification, you’re employees won’t trust that you’ll offer any type of reward.

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