If you have error or not, it’s though exactly a diagnose. Using DNS server can speed up your web experience. Provide them with a try, it costs nothing at all. It could be all good no bad. DNS is Domain Name System, it’s work in simple words is to translate URLs into IP addresses to be able to get the right thing.

If it gets overloaded, you might be unable to view all or some websites. Also, if you have a DNS problem, the internet browser will screen error as Server not found often. To correct the difficulty, you may use DNS servers. These will be machines that shall respond and process the DNS needs of your network or computer. A couple of two types of the Ip your computer could be assigned.

Your computer would be assigned different Ip every time you connect to the internet. In this case, it’s healthy. You don’t have to see Control -panel for now. The web site shows your IP address(that’s all it shows on the page, so i don’t need to elaborate). Note it somewhere on notepad, paper or table or by means of doodle or on wall space or have a Tattoo whatever.

Check the latest one from the one you observed before. If there’s no difference then you have Static IP usually you have a Dynamic IP. 1. The thing is you need to get to your internet connection’s properties to instruct it to use a DNS server. 4. Right click your connection and get to it’s Properties.

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6. Get to it’s Properties. You should see this. The thing is those boxes for IP addresses, here’s your turn to get the most good-looking numbers from the menu below. Here’s Set of DNS Server’s that you do the Job, for free just. Google is everywhere. It claims to be the fastest, and i’m sure you’ll believe it if you don’t really want to investigate. If time’s not just a luxury for you, try Namebench. You will see other info there. So back on Google.

Now, slip the drive in to the bay from the front. Make sure leading of the drive is flush with the front of the PC. Also make sure the screw openings on the drive align with the screw holes on the drive mounting rack. If your unique case has a removable rack you might need to remove the rack from the machine to secure the drive.