Makeup & Skin Care

Washing makeup sponges is a simple task that is vital to handle frequently. Associated with that if you do not, this utensil will finish up accumulating a complete lot of dirt and bacteria that can damage your skin, making it a sufferer of attacks or granite outbreaks. How often should makeup sponges be cleaned? In the same way you wash your brushes and brushes, it is also very important to clean makeup sponges regularly.

This is the only way to avoid the residues and bacteria that gather to them end up happening to the skin of the facial skin and, consequently, give rise to the appearance of impurities, irritations and infections. If you want to protect the ongoing health of your skin at all times and always look beautiful and perfect, ideally you should wash the makeup sponges after each use or at least after every two uses.

It is also essential that you keep in mind that makeup sponges should be restored with certain frequency, every 90 days at least once. You can wash the makeup sponges following different procedures and one of them is utilizing a liquid soap, that is, you may use the same one you use daily for facial cleansing or your shower gel. Fill a box with cool water and add a few drops of the chosen liquid soap. Dip the sponge in the box. With your fingers, go gently squeezing the sponge so that the soap will foam and all the accumulated makeup will come off.

Repeat the prior step until the thing is that the sponge has been completely clean. Clean Once, wash it with a lot of hot water. Use an absorbent paper napkin to remove excess water from the sponge. Finally, leave the sponge in a ventilated place and on top of an absorbent paper napkin such that it is finished drying. If once done the cleaning, check that this has not been effective entirely, repeat the entire process for a good surface finish. If you use a bar cleaning soap to wash your hands or have a bar soap that you like a lot, they may also be used to clean the makeup sponges. Moisten the sponge under the blast of cold water.

Rub the moist sponge against the cleaning soap bar to create foam. Squeeze the sponge so that the foam penetrates it and can remove all the gathered makeup. Make the previous step under the touch until the thing is that water comes out completely clear. Rinse the sponge with a lot of cool water.

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Dry with a paper towel and await it to dried out before using it again. If nothing of both previous methods provides you great results and you also want the cleaning of your makeup sponge to be more effective, our advice is that you include a little of biphasic makeup remover to the process.

This kind of cleansers are composed of an aqueous base and another oily and are the most effective to remove the makeup more difficult to eliminate, such as waterproof or gua. Add drinking water to a cup box, a few drops of liquid soap and a trickle of two-phase makeup remover.

Insert the sponges in to the container and wait a minute to allow them to be impregnated with the previous mixture. Squeeze and compress the sponges several times to expel all the makeup they contain. In just two minutes, your sponges will be clean and look like new, remove excess water with an absorbent paper napkin and let it dry alone. This is a super effective solution that can also help you to clean your makeup brushes whenever you want.