Top 15 Best Free Website Builders For 2019 (with Comparison Table)

Now let’s take a closer look at these free website builders. I tried to keep an open up mind and explain all of them as accurately as is possible. For every free website inventor you will notice a screenshot of its drag and drop editor interface (what is this – we will inform below), links to some free web templates – so that you can assess their quality. And undoubtedly – a listing of the cons and benefits.

Which of the famous platforms comes to your brain when hearing the word “free website builder”? WIX ought to be the one. It’s among the best free website contractors oriented for beginner users. Because the start of WIX company in 2008, it were able to serve more than 110 million websites all over the world.

WIX “strong side” is about creating personal websites, business credit cards for small businesses and creative portfolios. It’s filled with stylish interactive design web templates, which were obviously developed by high-level professionals. Currently, you’re available to 500 different templates sorted in almost 7 dozen thematic categories. With regards to admin panels used for website management and configuration, WIX is a total winner.

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It has one of the most intuitive, clean visually, structured logically. And enjoyable looking interfaces. Drag-and-drop editing makes changes to the website and find out them in a real-time mode. “Is it all free? I can believe it barely, ” you may now ask. Yes, this site builder is free as well as all the rest inside our review absolutely, but you should know more concerning this.

First of all, Wix really allows you to create a website for free with min restrictions in features absolutely. In this particular Wix is one of the best website builders free of charge. But, you will have to extra pay if you would want to use your own domain name (but not a free one provided by Wix).

Second, the bottom of each website created by making use of WIX shall have a link to the parent platform, while the company logo will be positioned on the top. Not a huge “payment” for the chance to use an intuitive editor, free hosting, free SSL certificate, and advanced SEO (search engine marketing) tools, right?