So How Do I Generate Traffic?

They’ve figured out how to generate more traffic, but the traffic hasn’t converted into any sales or clients plus they can’t figure out why. Now, I understand what you are considering… there are so many companies that produce millions from content marketing that there should be a way to make it happen. But here’s finished ..

Because of my ad agency, Every year and dig into their marketing I am able to speak to a large number of companies. And of those that leverage content marketing, most aren’t in a position to generate even one sale from it. In other words, it’s no longer working on their behalf. It’s not because content marketing is flawed.

It’s that a lot of people don’t grasp it. Why doesn’t content marketing work for some businesses? What most people don’t realize is that all visitors won’t be the same. And I’m not discussing demographics and income, I’m discussing intention. When you land on the website that ranks on Google because of content marketing, your activities will be unique of if you clicked on a paid list. And it’s not because one is paid and the first is organic… here’s what I mean. And you’ll either select a paid listing or a natural one.

As you can see, the organic listing contains a great deal of content… including information about the city where I performed the search, insurance options, and just why I should choose Nationwide. To some extent, it is educational and salesy all at the same time, but I’m not for sale as hard as the paid listing from AAA.

The AAA website landing page only has 73 keywords. That’s it… a measly 73 keywords. In other words, if you land on the AAA website landing page you will click on one of the two insurance options. Alternatively, if you land on the Nationwide site (who leverages content marketing), your eyes focus on the text of filling out the auto insurance lead form instead. And that’s what I mean by intent. Though I performed the search “auto insurance Even,” I’m more likely to buy from the AAA site because it’s a far more aggressive squeeze page.

  • Impressions- This means the total amount of people who noticed your call to action
  • Development Stage
  • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and just why we are in need of it
  • Link out to bloggers
  • How to put a Facebook Like container on your website

The Nationwide site puts me in a far more educational mindset, in which I am going to read and do some research versus just getting a quote. And Nationwide isn’t achieving this because they would like to educate. They are doing this because it is really hard to rank organically without providing tons of content. Google loves content, hence the common web page that ranks on page one contains 1,890 words.

That’s why Wikipedia ranks for everything under the sun. If you’re heading to leverage content marketing, you need to bear in mind that whenever people land on your site it’ll put them in the disposition of reading and learning instead of buying. So, does that mean content marketing doesn’t work?