WHAT’S Consumer Movement?

What is Consumer Movement? Consumer Movement, consumer is undoubtedly King in modern marketing. In a progressive market economy, the idea of consumer is given topmost importance, and every attempt was created to promote consumer satisfaction. However, this sovereignty of the buyer is only theoretical. In practice, he could be not given such importance.

Consumers are ignored in general. These are exploited and cheated. Consumer Movement, consumers unite for protecting their own interests jointly. It really is a democratic and peaceful motion of for self-protection against their exploitation. Consumer movement is generally known as consumerism. It’s the movement of the consumers, by the consumers and for the consumers to safeguard and also to promote their interest. The consumer movement was started in America followed by England and other European countries initially. In U.S.A., the consumer movement was started in 1920, though it is yet to gain remarkable momentum.

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Every year, 15th March is celebrated as Consumer Day worldwide. Discuss each feature of consumer movement one at a time. Consumer Motion is a collective and voluntary movement of consumers. It really is a movement of the consumers, by the consumers as well as for the consumers. Several energetic consumers come forward, forms a union and combat for the well-being of the city. It really is a non-political, non-religious organization of consumers started to promote and protect interest of consumers.

Consumer Movement is a movement of the consumers, by the consumers as well as for the consumers. It is aimed at consumer safety mainly, education, and welfare by adopting peaceful methods. Consumer Movement is not restricted to purchase of services and goods by the consumers. It encompasses the general public utilities and service like transport and communication also, banking medical and health.

It can be involved with the goal of the consumers to attain a best standard of living and a much better standard of living. Consumer Movement has the objective to make the business community and federal government to guarantee and enforce the reputable rights of consumers. Consumer motion aims at creating understanding and unity among consumers and therefore to take group activities on issues like, consumer laws, supply of information about marketing malpractices, deceptive and restrictive trade procedures.

Consumer Movement aims at enforcing four basic privileges of individuals are Right to Safety, To be informed, To choose and To Redress. Before the commencement of the consumer motion, goods were sold on the assumption, Let the buyer beware. Every buyer was necessary to inspect the products. Now the “seller beware” is just about the prime principle. That is due to development of consumer movement. The seller must give reasonable treatment to the consumers.

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